Does the Linksys WRT54G V5 stink?

What's your experience with this popular, but troubled router?
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  1. The WRT54G v5 that I had been using was the worst peice of equipment I had purchased for myself in years. I experienced crashes on a daily or hourly basis (sometimes it wouldn't even stay stable for more than 10-15 seconds). I tried every trick that I knew to fix the problems (which seemed to center around P2P, although it would occasionally crash even when there was no little to no traffic at all - P2P or otherwise); nothing would get this router working right. To make matters worse, the wireless antennas began having problems, and several channels became unusable - not due to other networks overlapping mine (there is more than 500 feet between my house and my neighbors', and wifi locators don't show any networks except for mine). I caved in after 4 months of toil and rebuilt an old AMD k-6 system, threw IPCop on it, and used that as my router.
  2. asgallant pretty much summed it up.
  3. Yep, asgallant nailed it. It drops connection for me about once to thrice a week. My computers can only get reinstated to the network when I power off the router, wait 15sec, and power up. :x

    At first I returned it, thinking it was just a lousy router. Now I'm thinking this coincidence is more than that... it's a tradition! :evil:
  4. why on the mother #$%^&g world did they release this version
  5. Linsys in general Suck, i like intel and cisico
  6. Linsys in general Suck, i like intel and cisico
  7. Hey dobby, you know CISCO bought LINKSYS, right :?:
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