Specs for new Motherboard

Because my PC is quite slow (always has been and I checked for Spyware and Viruses) I was advised that I need a new Motherboard. A friend says I need this data, but I cannot find it all:

Chipset (think I might have this one)
PCB Version
Bios Version.

Is there any freeware that can supply this information for my PC? Belarc doesn't give it, either.

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  1. Would that same "adviser" tell you to buy new pedals to make your bicycle faster?
  2. Not helpful. Sarcasm is hardly a reply. Tell me what you think I should do.
  3. The analogy is simple. Your motherboard does not make your computer faster. It supports the engines that drive the system.
    Want speed?
    1) CPU
    2) GPU
    3) Memory quantity sufficient to prevent disk swapping
    4) HDD

    Typically you will get a new motherboard when you upgrade some/all of the above because THEY won't fit in the one you now have.
  4. u need info about your motherboard ?
    CPU-Z ;)


  5. I tried it, but most of the fields were empty, with no information in them.
  6. Quote:
    I tried it, but most of the fields were empty, with no information in them.
    I think you should open up your case and look inside...
  7. Look inside for what ??
  8. Okay, the most important thing to know in this order:

    1) Is it a computer bought from a store
    2) If so, what brand and model number
    3) If not, what CPU does it run, and at the very least what is the make
    4) The approx. age

    BTW, your friend isn't really helping that much - pretty much all that data is irrelevant, and getting a new 'board isn't going to do the miracles that you expect it to. Plus you'll have to reinstall Windows...big hassle.

    Newf is right as far as that list goes, but I'd swap GPU and RAM round - RAM helps more stuff than GPU.
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