PSU not giving power to accessories when plugged into MB????

I have a Asus Striker Extreme and a Thermaltake 850 PSU.

When I connect the main power to the MB it powers up fine but the other power cable I am using out of the PSU to run my water cooling pump, lights etc do not. Now using the same power supply and completing the circuit with a paper clip everything works fine.

Any clue as to what I am missing and why I get no power out of the same connection when the main is in the MB?

Its a pretty big problem since powering up the MB with no pump on to run the liquid cooling gives me oh what 5 seconds to fried chip!

Help much appreciated! Thanks!
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  1. Bad power connector on the mobo? Is anything new, or newly upgraded? If the mobo is new, perhaps it is DOA or fried during install?
  2. well seems odd...

    The MB powers on when its plugged in...but when I plug it in the pump no longer gets power.

    So it seems like both work alone but not together. Is there any reason the MB would control power to the pump which is plugged directly into the PSU once the MB is receiving power?

  3. just rma your psu if it's not working the way it's supposed to just get a new one and fix ur troubles. i'm still working out problems from a bad psu, don't mess around with them they only give you headaches. and it's easier to wait for a new one than to work alot with a broken one that you can't fix under the warrenty, then newegg won't let you return it. then you might have to deal with thermaltake not responding to emails. not to say everything i said is true but really it's annoying. my psu was only giving 9 volts and if yours wasn't giving out enough power to power both i wouldn't trust it, keep a close eye on your cpu temps if they start to rise just turn off your computer and don't turn it on again untill you get a new one.
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