Best setup for two hard drives?(other than raid)

Yet another build, and I was wondering what would be the best setup for my two raptors(other than raid).
I have a 74gb and a 36gb raptor
Here are some of the scenarios I was looking at:
1: 36gb- 2 partitions, 10gb for the OS, remainder for apps and games.
74gb-pagefile,all of my documents, saved files movies, etc.

2: 36gb- OS, including the pagefile
74gb- all of my apps, games, saved files,my documents, movies etc.

3: 36gb- OS,apps, and games
74gb- pagefile, all of my documents, saved files movies, etc

4: 36gb- OS, pagefile, apps, and games
74gb- my documents, saved files, movies, etc.

I'm looking for the fastest read and write times, anybody ever try any of these combos?
Thank you for any insight
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  1. what the fuck is the point in posting a question is this forum if no one is going to bother to help?
  2. none of your options have OS on the 74 gb. do that, and then for everything else, put the most used stuff on the 36 gb drive, and/or the biggest stuff like movies and games on the 74. ALSO, you could make backups and have each harddrive have a copy of your most used things. assuming it is important, like documents. stuff like documents that are small can afford to be on both harddrives for security sake.
  3. Quote:
    what the **** is the point in posting a question is this forum if no one is going to bother to help?

    kinda grumpy huh.
  4. The OS is not very big reads, it should be fine on a size limited partition on the 36GB. Put the pagefile as the first thing (no other files yet so it's at start of drive, no separate partition needed for it) on 74GB drive, of course with either fixed size or at least a minimum/initial size large enough that you don't expect it to grow and fragment.

    Put the games on same 1st partition of 74GB drive- you don't want OS and games on same drive because OS will have minor reads ongoing, but game reads are big continual events.

    If you listen to music while gaming, put that on the 36GB HDD, unless you dont have enough space remaining. Put the apps on the 74GB, dedicated partition so they dont' even up near the slower rear end of the drive. Put multimedia stuff on last partition of (whichever drive has enough space remaining however you want to organize them by type).

    If your apps are pretty linear in process, for example video editing, you might also want a dedicated scratch space or division of source and destination. We can't really make any good estimates of every little thing since we can't be looking over your shoulder watching you work, game, etc.
  5. Thank you everyone for your input
  6. I'm going to install a second drive on my pc, My Pc is actually quite outdated but is still in good condition. I have an athlon xp 2600 333 fsb 1gb ram, x850pro agp. I have a seagate 200gb 7200.1 rpm drive and will add a second, older 20 gb maxtor drive. I will personally put the OS with the pagefile on one drive. 17 gb for OS and 3 gb for pagefile, on the seagate drive i will partition it with 30 gb for Apps and 100 gb for games. The remaining 70 will be for media files and any other documents that I will need across formats of the OS partition. The reason why the pagefile will be on the same drive as the OS is most page file swapping will occur on my pc when and while game play. Therefore having the pagefile away from the game drive will produce for me a better performance/efficientcy result. 1gb will be enough to support most everyday task from the OS so pagefile will not be used as often when using word, access, frontpage, mediaplayer and the such. The raptor drives are probably better and faster than these and if your pc incorporates update hardware from my athlon xp 2600 and ddr 1 333 then your pc will probably use the swap file a little less as well, depending on your memory amount.
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