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I have a question about system memory compatibility. I want to add 2GB of memory to my A8n-SLI Premium motherboard. I am currently running standard 1GB X2 184pin DDR SDRAM 400 (PC3200). I ordered two more 1GB . They are A-Data V-Series 2GB (2 X 1GB). The voltage is 2.7v on the A_Data. The memory on my system is 2.6v. Is the A-Data memory compatible with the 2.6v memory? The only difference between the two memories is the voltage. I also have another system, another ASUS board I could probably use the A-Data memory on alone if I have to. I would appreciate any advise. I am new at this.
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  1. The voltage won't be a problem and it should work. But sometimes memory can be finicky when you're using 2 different manufacturers. So just keep that in mind.
  2. Just run 2.7vDIMM and you wont have any trouble (unless your motherboards refuses to run Dual Channel like that, which I doubt).
  3. Thank you. The memory arrives tomorrow. I'll give that a try.
  4. Will my system make the adjustment or do I need to do the setting in the BIOS.
  5. You need to do it yourself. Usually its called DDR Voltage, vDIMM, DIMM voltage, etc etc.
  6. I went into the BIOS this morning and found where to change the voltage setting. There is also an auto setting. You are recommending setting the voltage up to 2.7v. I'll try doing that. Thank you.
  7. The 'auto' setting is the stock for DDR, but were running them just a tad higher to ensure stability in all the modules.
    Test with memtest afterwards.
  8. Where do I find MEMTEST?
  9. http://www.memtest86.com/
    Please remember its a ISO file...
  10. The memory arrived and I installed it and the system wouldn't boot with the new memory or when it was installed alone. Each time I had to clear the RTC ram to go back to the original memory alone. Nothing I did would let the system run with the new memory or with the new memory alone. The manual doesn't show as compatible the A-Data 1GB RAM. It shows 512MB and 256MB A-Data RAM as compatible. I guess the memory goes back. Definitely not a bargain at any price.
  11. This post may help with some info about the voltages and performance:
  12. Thanks for that link. I'll have to study that information. The memory went back today. I even considered looking for another motherboard that I could use that memory for. I checked out buyer information at Newegg.com and checked for other motherboards and didn't find any other motherboards that would handle that memory.
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