Opteron 1212 Overclocking Results

With the system in my sig, I got to 3.1Ghz, here's the screenshot: http://img238.imageshack.us/img238/4476/35ghzzk8.png

I didn't run Orthos very long, because I didn't feel like dedicating a few hours to run Orthos. But, from most of my experience, if it doesn't error in the first minute, it's most likely stable.

I can probably overclock farther, but I didn't feel like feeding it more voltage.

The stepping is CCBYF
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  1. Wonderful, I think i'll buy an opteron. though they aren't getting cheaper ((,
    and I've seen X2 4200 EE AM2 drop like 50 bucks at a local store, its at $170 now.
  2. Athlons are getting cheaper...

    I can goto 2.9Ghz stock volts though, so I'm still happy.
  3. wow. I have the same exact chip and I'm having huge problems. I can't get mine stable at 2.6 GHz. I've been having random restarts for absolutely no reason.

    Are you using watercooling or air?

    I'm running mine @ 2.4 just so I can say I overclock to nO0bs but you've shamed me into removing that from my sig.

    Have you seen Neweggs out of stock price? $360 at the link I left feedback on. >2.5x what I paid for my open box. W007!
  5. any way some of you overlcocked guys could help me out and possibly do some quicik benchmarks? maybe superpi and pc mark 2005?

    i was all set to order a 1212 then newegg jacked the price up on the 1210 and 1212 and then sold out a few hours later of just about all the AM2 opterons.

    so now im wondering if its worth the hassle of trying to track one down or jsut do a C2D system with a E6300 instead
  6. Nooobs.
    I have my e6600 running @ 2.4 ghz on the stock fan. Mwhhaha. If you need proof, I can take a SS and photobucket you guys.
  7. i really wanted to go AMD, and one with a 2x1mb l2 but no way im payin what the eggs askin for opterons now... they got the 1212 at $358 and the 1214 for $241, go figure.

    hopefully once some of the 65nm athlons hit the retail market the prices will come down a bit on the 90nm (since theres no apparent performance difference)
  8. There is a HUGE performance difference.... read this quote for proof.

    There is a HUGE performance difference

    Prices are too high on everything anyway... stupid inflation.
  9. wow gee thanks you totally aswered my question on the performance increases found by overclocking AM2 opterons

    and i think the price is too high on the opterons because one day they are chearging $209 for a 1212 and the next day they are charging $358

    thats not what i would call inflation
  10. Glad to help any time.
    Just shine a big A+ symbol into the night sky and I shall come swooping by to answer your question, in a helpful manor or not.
  11. I love my Opteron and its way plenty fast, but I do wonder what it would've been like having a C2D. Oh well, I guess I'll have to at least wait for Barcelona before I even think of getting a new computer.
  12. Quote:
    nice results, I would have gotten the 1212 myself, but I really wanted an asus crosshair, so I got the 4000 instead. I am hitting a wall @ 2.95 (can hit 2.8 with stock, 2.95 with 1.4-probably less, never tried lower). Any suggestions? I am guessing its because of my crappy zalman cooler, but I can't afford a tuniq tower right now, so any suggestions will have to be cheap

    I had to boost the voltage to 1.45v to get 2990 mhz. Even at that voltage, my Zalman 9500 keeps a loaded temp of about 50c, while it idles as low as 38c. I don't think its the Zalman cooler that's holding you back. You might need another case fan or two so the case interior temps go down a bit. That should bring the cpu temp down and make life easier on the Zalman.
  13. Maybe I should have asked which model of Zalman are you using, as that can make a difference. I run four 80 mm fans plus a 120 mm side panel fan and have managed ok in Nevada, where it gets a bit on the warm side in summer. Of course, being winter, its about 6 degrees farenheit out there right now and a storm is coming in tonight.

    I've gotten over 3 ghz a couple times without too much heat, but prime95 keeps reporting errors at that speed. It seems to be my motherboard, but I haven't decided whether to try a DFI or to just replace the present ASUS with another ASUS.
  14. I can go past 3Ghz but I have to use like 1.45v to be completly stable. Needs 1.4v for 2.95Ghz, I stay at 2.9Ghz because that can be done on stock voltage.
  15. Well, its not that I dont want to go farther, its that I want this processor to last a long time. I personally wouldn't run it past 1.4v for more than a few months, that's my self-set limit. Maybe in a few years I'll crank it up to 3.2Ghz and run it at that.
  16. Quote:
    I have the am2 version of your zalman. The a8n32-sli is supposed to be the best 939 board on the market according to pcworld, but if you must exchange it, then I'd agree with either a lan party or possibly one of abit's fatl1ty, they are supposed to be top notch too

    My motherboard showed more problems yesterday. Wouldn't boot up at all and the lights on the ram sticks didn't light up. I switched the sticks to a different pair of slots and its working again. Then I ordered a new A8N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard. Was tempted to try a DFI, but decided to go with what I was familiar then to venture out into unknown territory at the moment.
  17. Almost anything made by DFI, Abit, or other good companies is generally good enough. My Abit NF-M2 has all the options I need.

    I'm not going to push my processor any farther, but I will tell you the temperatures...
    Under load, CoreTemp reports 45C and Speedfan reports 35C
    When Idle, CoreTemp reports 36C and Speedfan reports 25C

    This is with 1.36v at 2.9Ghz and I'm using the Infinity's stock fan (which runs at like 1500rpm and is very quiet) I'm using Arctic Silver 5, but I wish I could've got MX-1 instead.
  18. I looked a bit for the fatal1ty board, but didn't see one. I'm not too greatly concerned, as when I build a new computer in the spring, this one will be given to my son. I just want to make sure everythign works properly when he gets it.
  19. anyone know if the semptron 754 2800 OCs well?
    Dont want to start a new thread for a simple question...

    Please, Continue.
  20. Quote:
    anyone know if the semptron 754 2800 OCs well?
    Dont want to start a new thread for a simple question...

    Please, Continue.

    Haven't tried myself, but I looked on the Newegg reviews and saw that someone claimed to get 2.7 ghz with 1.55v. He said he had it at 338 x 8 with a 333 divider. So maybe it can go pretty good, even though its a cheap cpu. Can't verify the claims though, only relating what was written.
  21. Quote:
    possibly, but I wouldn't trust newegg reviews on a dime anymore after my experiences. Many people post un-stable oc's and very rare results they have only gotten once in their lives to impress people

    I know. That's why I specified that it was a review and that I couldn't verify the claim. My experiences have been mixed as well concerning the reviews, so I pay more attention to articles from Tom's, Anandtech, etc, then what's written in Newegg reviews.

  22. Just sharing humor
  23. Quote:

    Just sharing humor

    ROFL!! If I could only get away with charging prices like that for things that simple.
  24. Quote:
    Taco like, yes taco like very much, but check this out

    And yes, I did just get high speed internet for the first time about two hours ago, and so yes, I am a bit too excited, oh well, beans are still weird :mrgreen:

    Now that sign reminds me of my ranching days. Had a sign out that read "Trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot again."
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