Emachine frozen says press tab to show post screen del to enter setup

I am running Windows XP on an emachine given to me. Other than being old and slow I haven't had any issues with it. This morning my daughter hit the delete key while my computer was starting up. Now all I get is a black screen with the logo & this phrase at the bottom of the screen:
press TAB to show post screen, DEL to enter setup

If I press tab it will go to a different screen and freeze there. Delete does nothing. I have tried all the F keys as well. Please help!
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  1. Hi: You should post this in XP section

    anyhow, The first thing to try would be a known working keyboard,so try another keyboard

    On the other hand Press the "Escape," "Delete," or "F2" keys if the "Tab" key doesn't take you to the BIOS menu screen

    bon courage..
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