adsl modem/router into router?

Hi, i have an adsl modem and built in router and recently bought wireless router, any idea if I can run the modem/router in the wireless router? Will the the two interfere or can I disable the first built in router? It's just the laternative is forking out for a new modem, cheers for any help anyway.
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  1. take them both back and get a wireless adsl router. If this is not an option then you should try putting the wireless router in a DMZ and your adsl router will/should just forward all packets to the wireless router. More info on which products you are using would also help. If your adsl router is by zoom forget it they are crap.

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  2. Got similar network as described in the diagram in this article, -->

    My configuration :
    1. ADSL Modem/Router - Used PPPoE to auto dial ISP for connection (i.e. dynamic IP assigned automatically went dialed)
    2. Wireless AP (with Router) - It's WAN port connected to the ADSL Modem/Router's LAN port.
    3. Two of my computers (i.e. PC and Wireless Notebook) connected to the Wireless AP Router to access internet, and hosting Web Site.

    Hope this is what you are expecting too.
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