need good power suply

Im building a new setup and i need advice on a good power suply :o . What im getting is gigabit DS3/cor2duo E6400/7900gt/2gb corsair ddr2 800 memmory. O and also whats the best time to buy?
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  1. I dont know about case yet.Which company makes the best power supplies?
  2. Check this PSU out.

    It has a total of 35 amps, which is pretty good for the price.
  3. The best time to buy is obviously at 4 AM, right about when you get bored of staring at parts that can't run without a PSU connected.
  4. Your proposed system does not require a lot of power on the 12v rails (which is the most important). Assume the following system:

    E6400 OC'ed @ 3.2GHz.................................73w CPU power consumption
    7900GT.......................................................49w GPU power consumption
    2 320GB Hard Drives...................................32w
    2 DVD Rom Drives......................................32w
    2 120mm Case Fans....................................12w

    Total Estimated Power on 12v rail................198w
    Total Amps on 12v rail................................16.5a

    The above assumes every single component is working at 100%. That is very unlikely. In fact, it's nearly impossible. When playing a game the above system will like draw 170w or less. That translates to about 14.2 amps.

    All other components like RAM, motherboard, sound card draws power from the 3.3v or 5v rails.

    A powerful PSU is not necessary to power the system above. The ENERMAX EG301P-VB-1-FM ATX12V 300W Power Supply is more than enough.

    This PSU provides up to 22 amps on the 12v rail, or 264w.

    Of course if you know you will be dropping in a 8800GTS later on which uses in excess of 125w, then you should get a more powerful PSU like a 400w PSU. Or more depending on how many additional hard drives will be added in the future.

    The best time to buy the PSU is when you have the $$$.
  5. thanks alot
  6. Ok update... So I ordered most of that, but i held off on the graphics card because i want to make sure i get the right one. The PSU I decided to get is the 350w enermax seen here . So can this power a ati x1900gt that mite require 25-30 amps on 12v rail? I didnt realize that ATI cards would take so much power after looking at the nvidia cards ~_~ i was just thinking of next gen cards like the 8800. Any more help would be appreciated.
  7. I use this for calculating power supplies:
    Go to: (Power supply calculator)

    and add one Hard Disk, one optical drive, video card and CPU, use high end motherboard,
    calculate Watts and divide by 12 to get amps. Add 2-4 amps for safety.

    Compare to your power supply 12v rails.
    Combined should not exceed requirements.

    Max power output on 12v rails: look at box, subtract 3.3v + 5v maximum output from total
    wattage of PSU and divide by 12 to get maximum amps on 12v rail. Should be higher than
    requirements. That's why we add 2-4 amps.

    See this PSU 101:

    Top Tier PSU:

    Exhaustive PSU review:
  8. I just got a ZALMAN ZM460-APS for my nephew's upgrade. It kicks ass, and is inaudible, even when playing Oblivion.
  9. bahh this stuff always happends to me :(* its like a research research and research some more and end up screwing myself anyway. I should of just took your advice and went for a good PSU first and thought about graphics card later. Still what pissed me off is that the x1900 is perfect for me and its only 150$ and i could of got a 78$ psu to go with it. Thats the same price as a 238$ nvidia card that runs worse but doesnt draw as much power over the long run, saving money on the energy bill. So should i get a 50$ graphics card supply Or go with nvidia? Im really a ATI fan and want to get over 30 FPS in some titan crap on BF2124 and people says the x1900 never drops below 30 fps. And also is there is no chance to get a refund? Maybe i can send it back and buy a better PSU from the same company?
  10. Seems like it is going to catch ablaze with that meny components :lol: . Does newegg have good refund policies? You have any experience with them? Right now im trying to stop them from shipping it out.
  11. Quote:
    At $199, it may not be the cheapest thing out there, but that's OK.

    Actually, I think that is very decent value in its performance range.

    In the end, cheap-out on another component if you have to. The power supply is NOT the place where you want to get cheap!

    For some reason, phrases such as the above seem to form some kind of invisibility hologram in front of the eyes of many readers.

    That's OK; I ain't ever heard of a bad review of one of their products.

    I have, mostly nitpicking the cable mess and noise in older units. Plus the 1KW units will not fit some cases and people have ragged on that in reviews. Hey, what do you really expect out of a conservatively rated 1KW unit - that it will be the size of a notebook hard drive? (Maybe if Bob Carver designed it...)
  12. Since the Antec NeoHE 550W comes with a 30 dollar rebate, I'd send that Enermax back. Ends up being 85 bucks and plus it has free shipping.

    Antec NeoHE 550W

    Plus, this is Tier 2 on the list that mpilchfamily has as a link.
  13. Quote:
    Since the Antec NeoHE 550W comes with a 30 dollar rebate, I'd send that Enermax back. Ends up being 85 bucks and plus it has free shipping.

    Antec NeoHE 550W

    Plus, this is Tier 2 on the list that mpilchfamily has as a link.

    Ya but that doesnt have 30 amps on teh 12v.
  14. Quote:
    Yes it does. It has 3 +12v rails with 18A per rail. The PSU has a combined amperage of about 34A on the +12v rails.

    Think it will power a 8800?
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