Fatal Error C0000034... flwg premature power down during SP1 download

Hello y'all,
About 15% of the Windows 7 ServicePack1 software update from Microsoft had completed installing on our HP desktop pc when I found it necessary to shut it down manually due nearby lightning strikes -- I realize that I should not have done this, but since we've lost stuff including our last pc to lighting strikes we're a bit paranoid about it now... -- anyway, I now receive the above noted "Fatal Error..." message (the full msg text is "Fatal Error C0000034 applying update operation 205 of 98190 (program_...)") when I (try to) boot up the machine -- is there a way to get the system back up now without completely re-loading the W7 operating system (an answer elsewhere on here for a similar-sounding problem said that we DO have to do that, if I understood it correctly)..? and if we do have to do that, will we lose all of the MS updates we've made since then, and have to go through some sort of a "set up" process again too? that is, what all does one lose when one reloads one's OS? (and what does one do if one's original W7 download was done online, that is if one does not have a W7 load disk...?) btw I have booted the system thru System Restore but the display there states that no restore points have ever been created, although I do recall the initial SP1 update process atating that it was creating a new Restore Point FIRST -- is this perhaps 'cause W7/the pc isn't "up" far enough yet to recognize the SR's, i.e. does doing a SR require a functioning W7 OS (which of course we don't have yet...) -- geez, i KNEW i shouldn't have done that shutdown before... Thanks anybody for your help with this!! -- i'm on my work laptop right now, and will continue looking around for clues/help while I wait for any replies here...

Austell (near ATL)
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  1. - before it boots press F8 like a maniac 'till it asks you to select a mode
    - it will give an option to select the OS, press the key for that option (I forget which one it is, you know, microsoft and it's nasty habit to change the way everything is called and done with each release...)
    - select boot recovery something option.
    - the system will load in recovery mode and will give you some troubleshooting options, including system restore, select this and restore to a point before installing SP1.

  2. hey, thanks for your help -- I thought that I had already seen a display that stated that no Restore Points had ever been created on this machine (did not seem correct to me), then sure enough when I tried your suggested "bang F8" :) method during boot-up I was indeed able to click through a couple of windows to arrive at a "System Recovery Options" window containing the header line "Choose a recovery tool" and listing 5 clickable options, the 2nd one of which was "System Restore" -- I selected this one and lo and behold found myself at a window showing the Retore Point that was created just before the W7 SP1 install was done as the recommended point to use - yay, PERFECT! I thought when I saw that -- I selected it of course, and away we went (btw per a list of items "affected" there were BEAUCOUPS Drivers and such that had been "touched" by SP1 and were to be deleted/restored to pre-SP1 status here)... all seemed to be going well... until it didn't... -- THEN the following status advisory appeared in another window:
    "System Restore did not complete successfully. Your computer's system files and settings were not changed.
    System Restore failed to extract the file
    from the restore point.
    The restore point was damaged or was deleted during the restore.
    You can try System Restore again and coose a different restore point. If you
    continue to see this error, you can try an advanced recovery method. For more
    information, see <What is Recovery?>"... WHAT A PAIN, YES?!? I'm gonna check out the "what is..." info and try again, and if that doesn't work maybe look for something else to try -- in the meantime if anyone knows what is meant by "an advanced recovery method", too, or perhaps how I might get around that "bad" file failure?, I'd sure be interested...
    THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR HELP, it definitely helped me to GET FURTHER ALONG THAN I WAS BEFORE! and if you think of anything else I might try now, too, I'd appreciate it as well....
    Robb/Lee :)
  3. You can't uninstall Sp1 that's why system recovery won't work
    Your best hope is to boot from Windows 7 disc/Windows 7 recovery disc, and start repairing steps, the steps are straight forward, and if the repair didn't work (e.g: windows could not find any problem, or the windows version is not the same) you could try to reinstall windows over the corrupted system so you won't lose your data or programs. Using a disc with Windows 7 SP1 will improve the chances of repair success.
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