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hi i want to network a three floor house with 2 pcs in 3rd floor one in first & a laser hp printer with lan port. &2 laptops both with wireless access ,i want to get a new adsl service and i want to share it all along this computers and also a network between them to share files and using that laser printer too for all computers. I must use a router both with wireless and ethernet ports but i dont know which one ? andthere were in topics that all home networking routers sucks such as netgear wpnt834( its the best i think)but have failures . and i dont know any business solution .pplz if u can help me give me a complete solution? thanks all :D
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  1. Will try to sort things out. Just some home routers, mostly wireless ones. The 4 port router you picked may not be big enough for your need.

    If I under stand your layout correctly you want full house coverage. You will have 1 pc and network printer on the 1st floor, and 2 pc on the 3rd, and 2 notebooks for roaming.

    You did not indicate where the dsl will be loacated at.

    I would recommend a 8 port Bussiness class router, wired only. Then add a seperate AP. Router located on the 1st floor, AP 2nd floor. Using a wireless router will greatly inhibit your options and will/may have to upgrade antenna.

    Since most of the hardware is on the 1st floor I'm going to assume this is where the dsl modem and router will be located. You indicate nothing on the 2nd floor so I am assuming wireless?.

    I would run 1 cat5e to the 2nd floor for the AP and 2 cat5e to the 3rd floor.
    This will use 5 ports up on the router with 3 spares for expansion. While you are running wire (cat5e) I would pull an extra one to the 2 & 3 floors, leaving 1 spare.

    Wireless AP as seperate units generally come with high gain antennas. This is going to be a must it you want to have full coverage to the 1st and 3rd floor. Which can still be iffey depending on floor construction and location of the AP. The extra cat5e cable on the 3rd floor can be used to add more AP if needed.

    If you elect to locate the router and dsl on the 2nd or 3rd floor just adjust your wiring layout.

    As far as hardware I don't recommend any. I will tell you what I use. And you can make your own decision bassed on your needs and budget. I use a Netgear FVS 338 VPM router (90+mbps on WAN port) with a USR 5450 AP connected to a 8 port hub on the opposite side of my house. I have full coverage of my house with my AP running on Low Power. I am using their (USR) PCMCI (5410) card too, the reason for a good coverage. To give you an idea and what you may have with factory built in wireless. My Ralink 2500 11b/g will not stay connected in the same room with the AP on high. And looses connection complete in 30ft with 2 walls. So don't put a lot of faith in built in devices. The reason I sugest extra runs, which can be used to add a hub/switch or AP to expand your system.
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