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in my window echo sound has been coming why
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  1. this testing said:
    in my window echo sound has been coming why

    Try opening the VIA HD Audio controls in the Windows control panel. You might have sound effects or reverb turned on.
  2. i've been troubling with this situation for 2 hours. i did some research and ppl keep telling me BIOS stuff. well i don't know how to configure bios. but i solved my problem

    i have Asus P7P55D-E Pro with Via HD audio deck sound driver.

    today suddenly my sound gone off.

    and i can tell you honestly if you use windows 7 it's problem solver on management desk is doing a goddamn job on its own.

    do these steps and you will get your audio back.

    Go to My computer, right click and Manage. > device manager >
    under the audio , video and game stuff find Via H.D. Audio > right click and remove it.

    then right click on audio, video and game > search for hardware changes. ( u can do it from the top, just below the HELP tab) it will find that u have no audio driver, and it will install it by itself.


    go to management desk > problem solver > audio.. follow the steps and say 'yes' to him when it asks to correct some wrong things about your audio.

    then ta-daa!

    i got my audio back this way, safe and sound.
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