2 or 3 hard drives.

OK, I have 2 320 gig sata3 Seagate hard drives. Is there a good setup for this or should a I get a 3rd(smaller) Raptor drive for the OS?? Then run most of my programs (games and Photoshop) on one seagate with the second seagate being an exact copy( Which Raid is that??)(what size raptor if needed??)

The sooner I can get answers the better! I want to start putting this thing together! LOL

Thanks to all that take the time to answer!!
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  1. You can create a RAID 1 array. When one hard disk fails you will have a copy on the other drive. That will limit the space to the size of one hard drive, because the other is being used as backup.
    Or you can use two hard drives, one for the operating system and programs, the other for data, documents, etc. Total space available will be the sum of the hard drives.
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