i am confused about the standoffs on my GA 965P S3. could some one please tell me if all the holes ( excluding the CPU fan holes) on the board require stand offs?

here is a pic of the board, i was wondering if the holes with the silver dots around them are for stand offs.
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  1. Pretty much, those holes are for you to screw your mobo into the standoffs, which hold the board up from below.

    Some cases have built-in standoffs in the standard positions, for others you have to screw the little brass hex standoffs into the holes in the case.
  2. Every hole in your case tray that matches a motherboard hole should be used to mount the motherboard.
    Every hole in your case tray that does not match a motherboard hole should be left empty, avoiding any electrical shorts to ground.
  3. can i lay the motherboard on the case tray with out doing any damage to it?
  4. You MUST use the standoffs... unless you want some pretty impressive fireworks and some blown up componants.
  5. lol i ment to determine the stand off placeing, the screws are not going flush to the mobo so should i use the washers?
  6. so long as there's nothing plugged into it, yeah.

    If the screws arent gripping the motherboard, get shorter screws ;) Or your standoffs might be stripped or mis-threaded.-
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