Connecting two wired switches with wifi + using access point

ok, im really stumped
ive read up on access points, bridges, repeaters, wda, ap client mode etc all that stuff but still cant work out what to do with my network
basicly here is my network
currently, i have my DSL modem, connectred to a hardware firewall (Clarkconnect running on an old pc) which provides DHCP that sorta stuff to my network. That then connects to my 8 port switch, Onto that switch, i have two computers, then a 10 metre cable going to a 4 port switch, onto that has a laptop and another computer.
What i want to do is instead of having the 10 mtre cable from switch to switch, is to connect them wirelessly
The switches are on different floors of the house, and when we move, running cable up the stairs wont be an option ;

Ive seen bridge products etc that seem like they would do the trick, but at the same time, i want to provide wifi coverage in my house, so i can use my laptop without being on the wired network and still access my files on the other pcs etc

Can anyone reccomend like two access points that can accept clients aswell as bridge my two switches (without having to have the two switches on different subnets or something)?
Any help would be much appreciatred
Thank you
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  1. I'm afraid your SOL.

    If you set a AP up as a bridge, 2 reqired, 1 on each end. That it's sole function.

    Why would you want to run 2+ computers through a 54g connections, slow...

    So you will then need AP's for the wireless access.
  2. Hello
    My first post (i think) was a bit unclear
    Heres a diagram kinda explaining what i want to do

    So basicly, i have two switches, that are joined via ethernet cable, but i want to join them with wi fi and at the same time, provide wi fi acccess in my house so i can use my laptop wirelessly.
  3. You need WDS.. WDS is wireless distribution system., You can then set up the AP's with Different SSID's ofcourse and have them talk back to one anohter through MAC addresses. You can then use the port on the aps to connect to the switches on both ends. It is ofcourse as Blue said EXTREMLY SLOW!!! This will help you. You need to set them up as a P2P Bridge or if you are adding multiple AP's then you will set them up as a P2P Multipoint Bridge. You can set your Wireless card to connect to both AP's (set one as a Default and one as a backup) can also have WEP Security with it but it will not carry over WPA.

    I hope this helps you out. Good Luck!!
  4. Well currently the two swiutches are conneced via 100mbps ethernet
    and 11g is 54mbps, so only have the rate. Plus you can get those access points with speed boster technology if used with the same brand product, so if it was close to 100mbps, i would see no difference really, unless copying over large files, but still wouldnt be too bad.
    But i can see what you mean it being slow, if a switch is connected to an AP and then clients on it too. So maybe if had two wireless bridges connecting the two switches, and then a sperate AP for wireless laptops etc, wouild that work?
    Thing is, and the main point kinda of this thread, is that i have really no idea which products to buy to do it.
    I would obviously wanna stick to 1 manafactuer, since means it can use their 'super speed boooster' stuff (lol) to get it bit faster, and for compatibility issues.
    So yeah, any hardware reccomendations?
    Looking to get the 2 bridges and AP for under $200-$250 hopefuly

    Thank you alot :)
  5. If you want to connect to seperate segments of a network via a wireless connection then you will need the 2 seperate AP's. Exactly how you have it setup in your diagram. The hardware that you are looking for MUST support WDS. If it does not support WDS then you will not be able to do it. I myself have DLink 2100AP's and a DLink 624 wireless router connected in my house. 1 segment hosting a network printer and two computers off of the AP leading to a switch going to the main section with the wireless router with a 4 port switch leading to another swithh and numerous nodes as in computers, NAS, XBox, Playstation, Phone and whatnot. I have 2 laptops that connect to the AP's (whichever I would like) but mostly connect my main laptop to the router to keep off the traffic. Anyhow the AP on that end is connected to one of the switches and is setup as a P2P Bridge. The WDS uses MAC address's from the AP's. So i have the AP in the other segment's MAC address on the AP in the main segment and vice versa on the other AP. I then have another wireless PC that is in another room connecting to the first segment. So i have wireless coverage all over my house and i have wired and wireless segments all connecting into one huge workgroup. i think this is pretty much what you want to do and it only cost me 150 for the AP's themself. You can use any AP's that have WDS though. I find the speed lags to all hell though. I would suggest sticking to wired if you can run wires. Stick to wireless for surfing the web.
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