Geforce 7300 LE vs ATI Radeon 9550 (3dmark 2003)

I havent paid that much attention to what those GPUs have to offer but let me begin with an intriguing question.

(i know im making an orange to an apple comparison here, but i dont care)

Question: Why would that lowly Radeon 9550 surpass Geforce 7300 LE in term of Futuremark 3dMark 2003 benchmark points.

Here are some details abt the systems that those cards are running on.

AMD Athlon XP 2200+
DDR 266MHz (512MB)
ATI Radeon 9550 256MB DDR2 @ 324MHz (core clock at 398MHz)
3dMark 2003 points = 3303
ATI driver version (latest, didnt check the exact number)

and the other system is

AMD Sempron (AM2) 2800+
DDR 400MHz (512MB)
NVidia GeForce 7300 LE 256MB @ 532MHz (core clock at 450MHz)
3dMark 2003 points = 2973
nVidia driver version 91.31 (slightly old)

Now, let's dont bother abt system memory CAS latency, mobos, bla bla bla. I am pretty convince that looking at the specs, the second system should at least surpass the first system in 3dmark 2003. But hey, test proved me wrong. Does anyone here has an explanation to this findings?
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  1. The 9550 was a classy card and punched well above it's weight - it was also an overclockers dream. IIRC I don't think it was available for very long though.
  2. i am downloading the latest nvidia driver to retest the benchmark.

    Btw, it's good to know that graphic card (9550) can actually scream every now and then.

    this is a very surprising result for me. I would expect that 7300 would go against ATI X1300 or something.

    Now that it failed to even spar with 9550, i wouldnt bother comparing it with others.

    Thanks for the reply.
  3. 7300 Lame Edition, doesn't that say enough :roll:
    9550 was (is) a nice budget gaming card (dont try the sucky edition tho :( )
  4. thank you.


    that explains A LOT.

    hahahaha.. thanks.. i'll keep an eye on those Lame and Sucky edition next time.

    still cant believe it though.. i've always thought that having faster GPU ram would give better performance, but i guess it is only true when u are comparing between green apple and red apple (orange is different).
  5. Well, if you want to upgrade, I'd suggest getting the GTX 780ti. It's a great card, and has a score that's over 9,000 in 3Dmark. You should check it out!

    Ok im not stalking you, I just have the 7300 Lame Edition, and was wondering what the benchmarks were for it. -__-
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