Linksys WRT54GX vs WRT54GX4 vs WAP54GX

Hi, I'm just a newbie here and my mom is bugging me to set up wireless at our house.

First Question, what is the difference between Access Point and Router?

2nd, I've been reading some review with regards to the SRX400 that it is causing more problem compared to WRT54GX. Sure the extra range would be great but if its going to give me more problem, would it be better to get WRT54GX. Are the problems here related to the driver/firmware which can be upgradable?

3rd, We have 3floors. How does to range actually works. would it be better if we place the Router near the windows or somewhere in the middle of the 2nd floor?

4th, Are there any other Routers you guys would like to recommend? I've been reading some bad reviews on Netgear RangeMax 240 altough Tom's raving about it. I'm also considering the DLink 108G MIMO or RangeBooster

5th, Would different brand of Adapter affect my connection. is it necessarily better to have the same Adapter as the Router?
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  1. Will try to help,

    A router takes a single public IP address and allows you to share it across a local or private network. Most ISP supply you with one IP address, some allow you to pay for a second if you would like.

    AP are radio hardware that adds wireless to an existing wired network. Some AP's provide extra function like bridging (req 2, 1 on each end), repeater ... Most seperate AP have high gain antennas, and provide better perfromace over a wireless routers.

    Multi story homes cause problems depending upon the construction materials. I prefer seperate router and AP, give better flexability. I would stay away from the 11n stuff. There is still a major compatiablity. There still problems existing with some 11g hardware, so I don't put much faith in to them resolving the 11n problems anytime soon. A good 11g setup works fine.

    It's always best to have matching chip hardware, for best performace.

    Now your house presents a particular set of problems to getting a sould wireless coverage.

    If you would set the AP up on the 2nd floor. Depending on where the needed access it directly below or above you may get a good signal. Shooting signal long distance at angles through floor degrates the signal very fast, causing weak or no signal at all. Bussiness use AP's and setup roaming, which allow you to jump AP to AP with no drop signals. I have setup PNA (2-wire) on multistory homes, not very fast but works.
    Depending on weather she has a wireless in a notebook, its always best not to mix chip sets.

    I use a seperate router and AP setup. Netgear FVS338 8 port VPN router with a USR 5450 AP used with USR 5410 PCMCI card. My builtin Ralink wireless is junk as with most low cost notebooks. Example 5450 on Max Power, line of site an 2 wall max distance 20'. With 5450 on low full house coverage with PCMCI card, 50' 4 walls.

    This just show wireless are very picky. The 5450 has 2 high gain antennas. This setup is 18mo old hardware. Have never had any problems with dropped signals or lock ups. Im using their 125mb large packet active. I have no other users using my system. Totally locked down with 256bit WPA. I have not done any installations with in the last 9 mo. With all of the problem with Linksys 54gs v5, just another reason to have seperate hardware.
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