Computer won't recognize all drives

Just took my friend old IDE drive, and plugged it into mine. Now, my PC doesn't show not just the new drive, but all other IDE devices as well.
I have two IDE connections on the MOBO - one white, and one red. My CD-ROMs are connecter to the white one (which is for CD-ROMs as far as I know), and the "new" hard drive I connected to the red one.
Now, my SATA drive is set as master no matter how I connect it. My CD-ROMs are set Master\Slave. The new HD does not appear both in Slave and Master modes, and coses all other IDE devices to disappear as well.
BTW, I can see all of the devices at BIOS, but neither in Windows.

How should I connect my devices in order for windows to see them???

When I unplug the HD, I get the CD-ROMs, and when I unplug the CD-ROMs I get the HD...
I figured there must be a conflict between the Master\Slave settings, but I have no idea of how to resolve it...
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  1. what was on the freinds HD,,, was it wiped clean before you installed it
    recheck the jumpers ( which you already did I hope) , replace the
    ribbon cable with a different one,,any other spec's tha might help''
    computer ( dell, hp etc or home built) mobo and what HD maker
    does it show up in disk management in the console
  2. CDrom cable:
    The last cdrom connector on the cable will be the master and you can set the cdrom that connects to it as master on the jumper. The middle connector will be the slave, so set the cdrom connected to it as slave.

    In your bios the cdrom at the end of the cable will be listed as secondary master and the second cdrom will be listed as secondary slave.

    IDE Hard drive
    One warning about mixing IDE and SATA drives, on some older systems it is impossible to run the primary IDE and SATA connector at the same time.

    The connectors for the red cable are the same as the cdrom cable. If you connect it to the last connector on the IDE ribbon then that will be primary master and the middle connector will be the primary slave, so set the jumpers appropriately.

    The SATA drive
    Make sure this is listed as your boot drive in the bios.

    Make sure there isnt an OS on the old hard drive. If so you need to wipe it before installation.
  3. Thanks man, but I have already figured that out.
    I set my SATA drive as Primary IDE Master, my IDE drive as Secondary IDE Slave, and the CD-ROMs as Master and Slave on the secondary IDE channel.
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