enough power????

A normal mid range setup with 2 7900GTX in SLI. Is the antec neo HE 550 juice enough?

no links to eXtreme PSU Calculator pleaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......... it's toooooooo unaccurate.. it gives as much as 40% allowance.
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  1. For 2 of those cards in sli you nees at least a 550w psu that can provide 33amps on the +12v rail, so i guess the Antec NeoHE 550w psu would provide enough power, but i would really look into a 600w or 700w psu to be safe, an OCZ GamerXStream is a good one thats pretty cheap.

    I really hope that you already have these cards or are getting an insanly good deal on 'em, street prices for them right now are about as much as an 8800gts, and that card will give you much better performance.
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