My laptop doesnt recognise wireless signals anymore!!


I am a newbie to this world of computer hardware...and dire necessity and great frustration brings me here!

I recently bought a wireless router ( D Link something), attempted to set up the prog by inserting the CD. The set up couldnt be done for some reason, and I went to return the router to the (extremely rude) Radioshack salesperson. But I then realised that my laptop did not catch ( is that the right word) wireless signals anymore..not in the coffee shop or at work. The Atheros hardware thing says it is working, but the wireless status bar ( the two blinking computers) says that there is no wireless connection available. I am not sure what is wrong.

Could someone help me with this please?

Thanks so much, and sorry if the hardware/ issue descriptions are annoying to the real professionals :)

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  1. You haven't disabled the wireless port have you?

    Right click on the wireless icon, should tell you if disabled or not.

    And some LT have a button for turning them on or off.
  2. Hi

    I did check the wireless icon, it is not disabled. Neither is the wireless switch turned off..
  3. Check you power managment, it can turn it off and/or drop the power to it.
  4. I didnt get you. I checked the power management- it is on "full power". Is that what you meant?

    Thanks so much for helping out!!
  5. Yes,

    But under properties, network adapter advanced there are some hidden ones on some.
  6. Mine just has 4 tabs- Power save modes, Alarm, Advanced, and Battery Power Meter. And none of these has Network Adapter. Am I looking at the correct icon?

    My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite A75-S206, if that helps
  7. I should have been a little clearer.

    Bring up network connections,
    select your wireless port
    right click, properties
    under general click on config
    some options there.

    But check to see how many services you are running.
    Select your port and get properties
    You only need Client for Microsoft network and TCP/IP,
    All others are optional and not required, QoS , file and printer sharing ...

    Also check to see if you are using MS or your MFG Driver (prefered)

    If none of those show any thing up. You may need to delete or check to see if a newer driver is avaliable.
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