k9n sli plantinum problem

have two 7950gt in sli but when i play cs 1.6, i'm getting about 60 fps and when i play cs:s i only get about 50 fps. all the settings are at 1280x1024 w/ vsync off and other stuff set at medium (2x,4x etc)

here's my system
msi k9n sli platinum
amd 64 x2 4200+
2 gig of corsair valueram memory at 533
sata hd
two bfg 7950gt oc
ultra vseries 500w ps

my computer is running windows x64 professional and i've installed the latest drivers. i read for reviews of the gpus that i can expect around 100fps for hl2 and my friend has a 7900gs and runs cs 1.6 at 200fps constant no problem.

do i need to turn on anything in the bios or is it some other problem?

i should also add that i had practically the same fps from when i had a 7600gs sli instead of the 7950gt's
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  1. yeah, it is in sli cuz i set it to enabled in the nvidia contorl panel.

    i've installed the latest drivers and the optimizer for the processor on the amd website. i'm only getting 60fps in cs 1.6 though and gets down to like 30 when i had some skins. the cpu is good enough to get at least 100fps right?
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