Max load 58C on small OC with zalman cooler!!?

I just got a new Zalman 7000B AlCu cooler for my CPU thinking it would help in my overclocking but I was clearly wrong! Im only at 2.62GHz with my 3700+ and im idle 35C and worst of all load temp of 58C after 1 run of 3dmark06!! Stable and all but this has pretty much stopped my OCing for now. I can't continue with this temp issue. Surely max load with this cooler should be around mid 40's at most! Whats going on?? Plz help. I want to OC!!
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  1. You might have put too much or too little thermal paste and does your case have good airflow?
  2. Yes my case is a Thermaltake Armor (four fans). It has excellent airflow. For the paste, I did not use Arctic Silver as it wasnt available to me anywhere here... Had to use the Zalman paste that came with the cooler. I put a fairly small size blob on the centre of the CPU. Pastes all gone now so if I was to re-do it I will have to order some Arctic Silver. God I wish I lived somewhere where I could just walk in to my local computer shop and buy these kind of things :roll: Could the paste be causing it? If not any other thoughts?
  3. I can't think of anything else....other than buying the cooler I use, but that shouldn't be necessary.

    How hot does it run not overclocked?
  4. Not overclocked - around 28/29C idle, high 40's load.
  5. when your overclocking how much voltage do you give it? i know i can reach 2.6 (on my 3700 san deigo) at 1.4v easily. you shouldnt need to overvolt at all till around that anyway (mine gets cranky around 2.7 at 1.4V)
  6. Don't get discouraged. The paste that comes with the zalman isn't very good. I would change to arctic silver ASAP.

    Using a zalman 9500 and zalman paste with my p4 560 my temps were 55 idle and 75 load. The cpu was throttling like crazy.

    Using a zalman 9500 and arctic silver 5 with my p4 560 my temps were 43 idle and 60-65 loaded. No throttling.

    Damn prescott.

    Same cooler on my C2D is high 20's at idle and low 50's at full load.
  7. I know but at only a small OC, only 2.6!. I got it for the purpose of overclocking and now i've wasted my money. Actually it's around 60/61C max load! I think i am gonna trash this piece of junk and get maybe a 9500.... God im so annoyed!! This fan is worse than the stock AMD hsf!!
  8. you should check at least to make sure the heatsink is properly mounted, maybed it was just a small oversight. there are much better options then a 7000 as well, you should look at frostytech, and actually check the specs on a 9500 before you buy one.
  9. I have this same cooler on my venice 3000+, i only have it on 2,2ghz without voltage increase, my max temp is around 50*C (i dont have the fan spinning 100% all the time) and my idle temp is around 22*C (C&C enabled). And i also have the standart zalman cooling paste. I would get the AS5, i think that would be your cheapest solution.
  10. I am gonna order some AS5 and re-seat the hsf and if that doesnt work then its the bin for this cooler.

    [EDIT] - Right guys look here's a pic of speedfan. Idle on desktop. As you can see the idle CPU temp seems alright. Only 35C... Strange that it rockets up to 62/63C after 20mins 3dmark06! Also when I quickly rebooted earlier today and went into BIOS the CPU temp read 25C! Someone else thinks my motherboards sensor may be messed up!! Could this be true!?

  11. Thats possible, i always used pcwizard 2006 to read temps. But the temps where 'connected' under another name... pcwizard showed my cpu temp under the name of chipset and the chipset under the cpu temp. So i had to connect the dots myself
  12. Haha that was just in time! Yeah thats what the problem was for me with dam speedfan! Just sorted it out now :lol: Messed up readings. Some werent even anything to do with the computer at all! I loaded up someone elses config and now the CPU temps reads more realistic and I know its right cause I checked in BIOS. Im actually getting 29/30C idle, and low 40's at load! Time to OC! :D Anyway so problem sorted, thanks for your time guys.
  13. Nice that its sorted out :D

    Let us know your OC results when your done :)

    Have fun OC'ing 8)
  14. Im Still a little concerned by the 2 temps that were reading 127°C 8O

    Thats a tad high for anything....
  15. I have one temp reading of 70*C (under name power supply), but my pc runs stable for 1,5 year now. So some temps you cant trust.
  16. Now i see the picture again, how would you explain the -67*C then? Thats a tad low for room temperature :lol:
  17. Quote:
    Now i see the picture again, how would you explain the -67*C then? Thats a tad low for room temperature :lol:

    I'm monitoring my ice block in the freezer :lol:
    Yeah some you just have to ignore.
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