visiontek 1950XGE AGP

Any experience out there with this card? Just added to my trusty AGP hangin-on system and curious if any others have tried it out?! Feels/looks/plays
like my baby has been reborn!
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  1. uhhhh.....

    can you give us a link to some info about that card...if it exists.

    Are you sure its not a X1950 pro?
  2. The X1950PRO version of Visiontek is called XGE (Xtreme Gamer Edition)

    Like ASUS, their gaming board are called RoG (Republic of Gamers)

    It is very similar to the X1950PRo of Sapphire except that this one has only 256mb of VRAM while the Sapphire has 512Mb but I think the Visiontek has faster clocks.
  3. Slim,

    Yes, it is a XGE and I decided to buy it because of info a few people gave me about AGP not being able to take full advantage of the 512mb of ram for some reasons I did not really follow. Slim, do you think better to go with the Sapphire cause of the 512? I got a hell of a good deal on my purchase and what info I was able to get ahold of about Visiontek seemed to point that they build good product. Is Sapphire quality normally better? And by the way; I appreciate any and all input, ideas, suggestions from you guys with experience with all this. Have been reasing tons on some different forums; is hard to tell who knows what they are talking about versus those loking to pump their egos or just talkin out their bung ho lee ooohs.

    I just installed card yesterday and am fumbling around with ATI software (not all that familiar with these things as of yet) but I have seen and immediate improvement in graphic quality overall and a brief run with a fly-game "Blazing Angels" and CODII WERE ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. This whole world of trying to juice up a computer on my own, gaming and all of it is new for me and so far am having a blast, getting reliable information to questions is the hardest thing which is why I am reading on the forums trying to pick up information and learn from others. Sure wish things like this were around in the "olden days" would have made playing hangman on my Commodore 64 better! Am going to run Aquamark later today(what other benchmark programs are good?) and compare scores versus my old 6800 Ultra just to see the differences.

    Any recommendations on settings for system would sure be welcome; am just getting to the stage of learning how to properly get system dialed-in and have fooled a bit with overclocking but nothing fancy yet. Worried about burning things up! I hear that the ATI tools are decent and easy to use. Have been reading articles trying to understand memory changes, GPU settings and all. Amazing stuff. I was a ealr on buyer of computers, PET. Commodore, Sinclair, Texas Inst., so I am amazed at all of the hardware etc., it is absolutely incredible! Could spend a million hours just looking at everything at Newegg alone! Hardest part is trying to figure out what information is reliable and what alterations to a system really matter the most and will give best bang for the buck>

    One last question: If I have a link that I want to put into this message how do I go about "placing" it into a message? Sorry to ask such basic questions but what the hell. I will provide link to card info and also results of benchmarks tonight. Thanks for the help. Scott
  4. Well

    About the Sapphire and Visiontek I cannot really say much about them because Im not into the AGP anymore since I stopped using AGP some time ago and now Im getting more into PCI-E because as you know AGP is gone for most of the people now.
    To be real, I never heard about "AGP not taking full advantage of 512 Vram" but even if it is true, I would always go for the card that has higher clocks and a faster interface. I dont know if you have read this before but most games out now, even the most newer ones DONT take advantage of 512mb of Vram. Thats why when you see topics like "which one should I buy 7600GS w/ 512mb DDR2 or 7600GT w/ 256 GDDR3" people who answer and knows about this will always go for the 7600GT because the 256mb on GDDR3 has proven that is faster than 512mb on DDR2.

    In this case, everything is more complicated because both cards have GDDR3, but if you go to their sites and research about both cards, there is one little thing that makes the Sapphire better appart from the 512mb of GDDR3 memory. While the Visiontek is clocked at 575MHz and 1380Mhz, the Sapphire is clocked at 580mhz and 1400mhz. Which means there is a little difference between both cards in clock speed and plus the Sapphire has 512mb of GDDR3, then I think the winner in this case is the Sapphire Radeon X1950PRO.

    Since you have already bought the Visiontek, I suggest you check how much is the difference of price between the Sapphire and the Visiontek before doing the return because you dont want to end paying way more for such a small difference ;)

    About the ATI control panel, yes it is very easy to use and select how much Antilealising you want and Anastrofic. Also, it lets you pick the V-sync and Z-buffer etc. I have a good experience with ATI videocards so far and Im planning to upgrade old P4 computer once I finish my primary one.

    For your question, I understood that you want to put a web link into a message and make it look as a single word right? Well to do that, when you are writing your message, there is a little button that is called URL, it explains you how to do it and how to make it look like 1 word.

  5. I can't wait to get this card, which I'll do when my income tax arrives before the end of January. It should give my Northwood system a bit of a boost.

    Sometimes waiting is good. I almost bought an X1600 Pro last year, for AVIVO support, but didn't think it would be that much of an improvement in Oblivion over my trusty Radeon 9800 Pro.

    The X1950 Pro AGP wasn't a paper launch, but the only place that seemed to have them was Best Buy. They weren't at Newegg, where I usually buy my graphics cards.

    Sad that they never did an AGP version of the X1900 All in Wonder, I would have gone for that last year. I'll miss the All in Wonder line, I've owned those cards exclusively for years. My old AIW Radeon 8500 128 is going into a PC that we'll use exclusively to transfer video from old anime VHS to the hard drive for DVD archiving.

    I think most ATI partners are pretty much the same in graphics card quality. The clocks do matter, but I hadn't heard about the 512 meg issue. Can that be true? They're still selling quite a few 512 meg X1600 and X1600 Pro AGPs. I was leaning towards the 512 meg Sapphire for futureproofing, if that's at all possible now that DX10 is arriving with Vista.
  6. Quote:
    Sometimes waiting is good. I almost bought an X1600 Pro last year, for AVIVO support, but didn't think it would be that much of an improvement in Oblivion over my trusty Radeon 9800 Pro.

    Picking the x1950 AGP tomorrow from Visiontek. I have a old Northwood with a 2.6 that I just upgraded to a 3.0 today. 3dmark went from a CPU score of 559 to 888. Thats like a 59% increase on the CPU score. 256 or 512 to me would be a nonevent. Reason is that I would get the 3.0 and dump the 2.8 if your skipping the whole rig setup like I am. This week I decided to top out this aging rig. Getting a great AGP card (I use 9800PRO also) didn't make much sense unless I juiced up the CPU a bit. Perfume(X1950PRO) on a pig(P4 2.6). I ignore all the hatred/sarcasm you get when you say AGP. But in honesty I don't think 256 to 512 will make much of a difference with the processors you and I are running. I could be wrong but I'm going to 256 because I'm sure the 512 is a bit more dollars. Take that difference and try to find a P4 3.2 Northwood. I should have but Newegg isn't carrying them. 3.2's on Ebay twice as much as the $78 I spent on the 3.0. $150 plus $225 for the card puts me at $400 already. Getting into the zone of just go ahead and put it towards a new system or get an Xbox 360 to game on. Don't want to. I can play the games now with a 2.6 and 9800PRO. I'm just trying to max out what I'm already able to play. BF2, CoD and Valve games. I don't or haven't gotten into all the other games out the last few months so my concern ends with the games above. I'll post a review tomorrow sometime after I get the card in and benchmark it against my 9800PRO 128meg.
  7. I'm thinking of getting either a pulled 3.4 gigahertz socket 478 Prescott for around $130 or a 3.4 Northwood for $199 through Pricewatch. That's almost as expensive as getting a new motherboard and CPU, but it holds me over for one more year. I'm just not sure if the performance is worth it.

    I guess a 2.8 533 fsb would be the bottleneck with the X1950 Pro AGP, whereas a 3.4 P4 wouldn't? One thing that's never totally clear on review sites is the bottleneck in any CPU, graphics setup. There's only the caveat to not put a higher end card in a PC with a lower end CPU.

    I'll probably go the CPU upgrade route, but I hate Prescotts. I'd only go with the Northwood, and that's as expensive as getting a budget Smithfield Pentium D with a new motherboard. The whole thing is that I don't want to spend several hundred on 2 or 3 gigs of DDR2 right now.

    Newegg just got the Diamond X1950 Pro AGP with 512 megs of GDDR3 for $289.00. Since I like ordering from Newegg, I'll probably get the version they have in stock come February 1st.
  8. Good luck. I couldn't wait. Got the Visiontek loaded this morning. Score in 3dmark06 went from 624 to 3795. 500% increase.
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