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I have a large home network. 7 computers, more or less all bing used at once. with cable internet its just fine usually, but I have some inconsiderate people using my network. Just to clerify it is all mine computers cable internet router etc. They will leave bit torrent stuff running all the time. I dont care uless it makes my lag shoot up. so I want to know if there is a way to limit the upstream especialy. but I would perfer to limit both up and down. thanks in advance
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  1. You need a managed switch I beleive. Other then that the only thing you can do with a home router is limit the time frame they are online.
  2. Some home routers provide limited bandwidth restriction options. Better restrictions would require more expensive equipment or a well configured computer acting as your gateway/router. I'm sure there are software apps avaliable to do it under windows but in my experience bandwidth restriction at the gateway is done under linux.
  3. I think you may able to use QoS to give priority to your computer. I know a manage swithces have this feature as previous stated.

    I have not tried or know for sure. may someone else can confirm. But it will require a router with that service.

    Or maybe set up a rule that will take them off line when your using the internet. Or force their port connection to a 1/2 duplex 10 base, it will atleast slow it down some.

    Or force them to set it up with control parameter, then you want have that problem.

    Or you could pull the plug.
  4. lol. I have been pulling the plug, when my lag spikes, If I was to get a nanaged router, will we be talking like 150+? cuz im cheap. I donno I may just have to keep pulling the plug :(
  5. Changing to 1/2 Duplex wont really help him though since it will lag his computer too. :cry:

    I think building a server would help you out though. A cheaper way to deal with it as stated earlier.
  6. Try swapping your current router for an IPCop box made from that old 486 box in your garage. ;) Then install a bandwidth shaper service to manage traffic flow, preferably one that utilizes QoS.

    I'm expanding my home network to include a DMZ for Internet services. To protect it and my LAN, I'm replacing my h/w router with an an IPCop box*, then adding a bandwidth shaper to provide guaranteed bandwidth flow for critical services (email, https, etc). The IPCop box will also support VERY many simultaneous connections, vs my current router which caps out at 64 connections. :(

    Hope that helps.

    * A retired Pentium II 350Mhz box, adding 2 NICs to the existing NIC which'll be my DSL connection. IPCop is Linux-based with great web-management, plus has Snort, ClamAV, Spamassassin, etc. Very easy to add more services, too.
  7. A Linksys WRT54* (e.g. WRT54GL) with 3rd-party firmware such as DD-WRT can give you QoS services, and a fair bit of control over it. You can set priority by port, application and MAC address, among others.

    There may be some other 3rd-party firmware that gives more control.

    A PC would probably be better, but the WRT is a small and cheap solution.
  8. really??? Thanks for the good post. QoS is nice feature to have for a cheaper piece of hardware/Router.
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