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Hi, I`ve got this CD player tht just lost it`s purpose after mp3 player showed up, so it got cross my mind:::>
Could I connect tht CD player to my computer, coz I`ve got this really old laptop, and if I can connect this CD player to it then I`d have 1 "functional computing unit" :D ; so if u have any ideas or tutorials how to do such a thing, I welcome any advice !!!
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  1. uff, too bad, can u tell me more about tht " MIC in connection" then ???
  2. gr8, tough this isn`t exactly wat I was looking for thx for ur help; at least now I don`t live in dream world !!! :lol:
  3. well, thx for tht info, but I figure it just makes more sence to connect CD player to my 5.1 sound system :D if am gonna use it just for listening music !!!
  4. i wouldnt bet on it:

    cd players dont deliver 5.1 and if they did....5.1 is not what you wnat when listening to music...but fi you just want it for the quality...then theys thats better:P
  5. hey, how about a DVD player, would it be able to read data discs, if I hook it to a computer somehow ???
  6. no, because because they dont have the firmware to read data discs...they read the IFO files to tell them whih order to read VOB files in on DVDs, a different one for VCDs and something else for JPEG CDs i guess. also the only way for data to go out of a DVD player is in "colour" format through scart or RGB cables (i dont know what composite video is, though...or anything about HDMI cables...DVD players probably will be fully functional some time but will cost hundreds, whereas an internal DVD drive costs £15-20)

    BUT...a DVD recorder with hard drive might be able to ISO a disk ointo its drive and most of those players have a normal HDD in that might be able to be rigger to a coputer with the case off...but i dont know, and i doubt it.
  7. *in addition:

    if you author a DVD wrong (as i have) and put files outside the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders, it cannot see the files but it can see the _TS folders, i dont know if it can see other folders or whether its programmed to see only those so it knows which to go into.

    in anycase, a DVD drive is a DVD drive, but until it has the software on it that alows it to perform more functions, it can only play films, audio and JPEG discs
  8. Quote:
    in anycase, a DVD drive is a DVD drive, but until it has the software on it that alows it to perform more functions, it can only play films, audio and JPEG discs

    Ok., thx for more info., but is there any way of getting tht software into CD or DVD player !??!!? coz I think tht is the onli purpose of this topic--> is there any way to reprogramme CD and DVD players so u can use thm as readers ?!??
  9. nope:):)::)

    hardware can run without software but software needs hardware.

    to that end, DVD players arent built with expandability in mind, their chips have the minimum transistor count for the job they are designed to do.

    you may be able to re-do some functions, change menues around, perhaps load up different looking menues, but all those things will depend on what the chips limits are.

    it is most likely that even if you could edit the firmware that you couldnt alter it completly coz the hardware simply sint there.

    software for PC burners are on your HD, but the chips in ythe PC burner are designed to recive instructions and carry them out, they dont store the functions within each burner.

    of course, even if you could there proibbaly no way to get the data out of the machine without soldering some osrt of IDE controller chip and connector ointo the board:P and thats not gonna happen for the reasons above.

    BUT as said before, DVD players with hard disks in may have their operating system on the disk, and might have a more flexible chip arcitecture, if you could get into that it may work perfectly nicely with just a change as to what it looks for...but thats speculation territory. one thing i do know is that alot of HDD DVD players have normal PC hard disks so theres probably no problem getting data off them if you can find a away to make it scan and record from any disk.
  10. ok, now tht is a gd answer, and since I actually have no way how to make it scan every disc, and not just say "cannot play" this project falls to water (2nd time :lol: ) !!!
    thx. !!!
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