8800GTS Step by Step w/ Pictures DIY Cooling Mod

I did a writeup of my mod. My temps dropped almost 10deg C under full load. The following is the link to my detailed step by step guide.

But be warned (8 megapixel pictures)
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  1. Quote:
    Here is a good idea for you. Reduce the images down to a smaller size. Then coppy the artticle over to the Tom's Wiki sight.


    Put it in the build your own section under PC Mods.

    Reducing the image size would yield aliasing. Better way it just to take smaller pictures.
  2. ..or use resampling while resizing to anti-alias the pictures.
    You could also make links to the full res pictures.
  3. Bingo. As usual, you're a genius mpilch.
  4. Oh wow those are huge pictures, I mean I can't even look at them at my res (1024x768). looks like a nice guide though :trophy:
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