Question about upgrading from 2.1 Klipsch to 4.1

My Card Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer ,

I got Klipsch 2.1

Would that be possible to make that work with these Monitors
as 4.1? Just wanted to know if it's possible since I am fairly new to this.

I want to make Monitors as mains and klipsch sats as secondary if that makes sense.
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  1. If you plug the Klipsch in as the rears and the monitors as the fronts then you'll only get the subwoofer working for the rear channels, which isn't the most desireable option.

    The optimum setup, as far as I can see, would be using the monitors as reads and the 2.1 as fronts. That way you get the full 4.1 setup, rather than a sort of half/half job.

    It's because 2.1 doesn't really exist, per-se - it's just the sub/bass frequencies filtered by the amplifier and running just in stereo.
  2. Like Mesa said, you can hook them together, and it will work. You will be going from 2.0 with a subwoofer to 4.0 with a subwoofer (rears only).
  3. Thanks for advice, now the question is. Is it worth spending 200~ for rear monitors?
  4. I'd say no for those ones in particular. I'm certain there are better speakers for the money (although I won't say which because I'm not sure of the US pricing/availability).

    In the UK you can get some Eltax bookshelfs and a Cambridge A1 Mk. 2 - a staple of many a budget 'above average' audio rig - for around £150 (if you're lucky and get a good deal), which sound fantastic for the cash they cost.
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