Overclocking memory... Super Talent 6400 or Crucial 8000

I posted last week asking for some advice on memory. Out of the memory I listed in that previous post, it was clear that the Super Talent pc2-6400 was the choice.

Now if it was between the Super Talent and Crucial pc2 8000, which would be the choice? Based on the fact that the Crucial is rated ddr 1000, it would seem the choice is clear... but some of the reviews I'm reading are leaving me wondering. I'm getting the impression that the Super Talent will clock up to 1000 and that it possibly benchmarks better at that speed:

See the Super Talent benchmark @

and the Crucial benchmark @

I can't find a set of reviews which profile the two on the same rig... which makes it difficult to confirm the impression I'm getting that Super Talent might be the choice between the two.

Is this crazy talk? Should I go for the Crucial? A sale price on the Crucial puts it within $50 of the Super Talent.

(Note: these are being considered as a upgrade for the system in my signature)
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  1. SuperTalent clocks over 600Mhz, Crucial struggles past 515Mhz. You tell me.
    SuperTalent is also capable of better timings at any given speed too.
  2. Its not as much as SuperTalent as the D9GKX chips under their heatspreaders. But they do seem to have highly binned chips in their other modules too.
  3. My only concern with the Super Talent is the "DDR2 Ram list" (which is down now apparently, luckily google is caching it still) shows they used a few different micron chips over time (leaving the possibility that the current batch isn't as great?) The micron site shows these chips have been cl-4 533 chips.

    The crucial is using cl-5 667 chips.

    It sounds like the Super Talent is the way to go, though.
  4. r00n (the admin) seems to have listed every possible D9 in there, however people who have recently bought their modules have been lucky enough to get D9GKX. However you seem to only need some Mhz over 500Mhz, so any IC they stick in there its gonna work for you.
  5. Well, we should know tomorrow. :) I just ordered those pretty blue Super Talents... next day shipping. (Who says patience is a virtue!)

    It is hard to get over the inclination to "trust the manufacturer/marketing" when you're a noob to an enthusiasts fold. DDR2 1000 must be better than DDR2 800, just read the label! :) But I'm sure it's like an audiophile noob thinking Bose equipment must have the best sound quality... haven't you seen the commercials!

    This was probably a totally unnecessary purchase given my corsairs are running so well. All of this for a few extra FPS! But... I'm hoping that a pair of dual channel sticks will lower my memory latency a little (compared to 2 sets in dual channel), and that I can get a higher stable OC with the new sticks.

    Thanks for the help in making the decision.
  6. Sure, no problem.
    For FPSs you should have sold those cards and get a 8800 :wink: but all that RAM is sure gonna come in hand for Vista.
    And klipsch rulez!
  7. Quote:
    For FPSs you should have sold those cards and get a 8800 Wink

    hehe. Very true. :) Don't think it didn't cross my mind. I'll probably upgrade my video card in the next 6 months. For now these cards are more than enough to keep me happy, though. I'll wait for the 2nd+ generation of dx10 cards before an upgrade.

    The upgrade that is going to be tough to resist is a quad core after the upcoming price cuts! ;)
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