Linksys WRT54G wired/wireless client loosing connection

Hi. I have a Linksys WRT54G v1.1 router. I have had this for about 2-1/2 years now (with extended warrenty, still 1/2 year left). Set up DHCP for dynamic IP clients, both wired/wireless (logged in as admin with password via IE browser). I has worked fine till recently. I leave cable modem and router powered on at all times, but power off PC after use. Tried release/renew IP, says cannot Connect 4x. Once I power off all devices, then cold boot (Rogers' cable Modem, PC, etc), it is fine for about 24 Hours, then starts again. Wasnt sure if it has to do with the session expiring. This happens with both wired/wireless clents. Upgraded the firmware as well, but trouble still unchanged. Gets to be a pain rebooting all devices every day. Thx for any assistance. Thought I'd try forums before the Linksys support.
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  1. did you try resetting the router after the firmware upgrade and then reconfigure the router.and with rogers be sure to clone the mac address of the main pc to the routers webpage.and do a power cycle.just turn on the modem and then the router and then the main the way the lights should bs stable on the modem before starting the router.i hope this helps. :wink:
  2. It sounds like your lease time is expiring. Make sure you have your router setup to automatic get the connection info, WAN DHCP. may need to check to see if you need to cloan your mac address, may have got cleared on update.

    My netgear has this problem with least time >24hrs, bug, waiting for fix.
  3. I think this is a problem with Linksys routers. Sometimes they work they way they are supposed to and sometimes they don't. I think they somehow lose contact with an active DNS server and so far I have no idea how to fix the problem.

    When you lose your connection are you able to access the linksys configuration page?

    This same thing happened to me and when I would do the basic setup(as though it was the first time I was setting my router up) everything would be good for some random amount of time then it would all blow up again.

    I asked Linksys about it but they had no idea they made routers soo...just kidding though they couldn't help me though.

    I tried upgrading my firmware too but that didn't fix the problem. Although after a while it seemed like I wasn't losing my connection as often(almost like once every three months from once a week).
  4. Hi all. Thx to all in advance for your help. I havent tried my old router yet, but seeking with other forums/blogs as well. Upon testing I will advise my results.
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