I quit wow, here's my story.

I began to play wow when it 1st came out, yea at first it was like any other game.Everyone told me why do i play it and i say it entertains me.But than i kept playing and playing and i realized this game will NEVER end its a endless addiction. So i knew i had to do something about it, i tried to stop playing for a day. But i couldn't help it i had to play it was like a nightmare i didnt want to wake up from.So i tried asking my dad,How can i quit such a addicting game that has mind control over you. He told me its all in my mind and i should stop playing if i really want to.So that was my decision*bad spelling*. I told myself do i want to stop playing because my addicted or because the people around me want me to stop.At 1st i didnt think it was a big deal than my grades came from A,B TO straight F's!. So I QUIT HAHA U READ ALL THIS NOOBS
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