"--nameserver=" IP address cannot be in the loopback network?

I am trying to install VMware ESXi on a Dell PowerEdge R300, but I get this error when I try to:

Error (see log for more info):
An error occurred while parsing the installation script.
error:/ks.cfg:line 5: "--nameserver=" IP address cannot be in the loopback network?

I have no idea what that means or where to find the log.
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  1. Not 100% sure, but I do know the local loopback is So I would check and make sure it's not trying to use that address.
  2. Im at 90% sure that is not the IP of the box, unless this is a different IP we are talking about. Any idea how I would look to see/change what IP it is trying to use?

    Honestly, this is my first time I have played with VMs, so i'm kind of a noob. sorry for any stupid questions...
  3. Are you installing with any boot commands or doing a scripted install? It looks like you are......try just doing the default installation for now. What IP address are you assigning?
  4. You messed up the config buddy :). I'll give you a hint it has to do with the IP address. is the loopback address for any network card. It's a useful tool for testing if your network card is operating. A little known fact is that it's not just its the entire subnet.

    :D have fun my friend :D
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