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Okay, so here is a real puzzler. I have 13in Macbook Pro (Mid 2009) running OS 10.6.8 Snow Leopard that has been running fine up until this point. Originally when I got the machine it had 4 GB (2GB x 2 dimm) of RAM installed, but recently I noticed that my computer would become sluggish at times. This led to the discovery that my computer was only recognizing 2 GB of RAM. My initial thought was that there was some kind of internal program, so I went ahead wiped my hard drive, reformatted and reinstalled my OS, but no luck as it still only recognized 2 GB of RAM.

My next though was that I had a corrupt memory stick. Before digging too much, I ran a memtest as well as the Apple Hardware diagonstic tool but both tools wouldn't recognize the second stick. This led to the idea that one of the sticks maybe loose, so I opened up the internals and swapped which slots the memory sticks were in. Unfortunately still no luck with recognizing the second stick. Now I started to believe that I either had a dead memory slot or a dead memory stick, so I began the long process of testing my memory. I tried starting up my computer with only one memory stick in and after that worked I tried again with the memory in the other slot. I repeated this process with the other memory stick, esentially trying each stick of memory and each memory slot independently. But for all the combinations I tired, I was still able to boot my computer.

At this point I am out of ideas of why my computer won't recognize the remaining 2 GB of RAM. I've been able to determine that both sticks work in each slot independently, just not together. Does this mean I have a bad board or does anyone have any ideas why this is happening and what I can do about it?

Thanks for your help!
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  1. Perhaps the motherboard is faulty. Contact Apple for support.
  2. It`s a Mac what do you expect, take it back if under warranty.
    And if not, they will charge you an huge amount of cash to fix it mate.

    Closed loop devices, and Hardware.
    Bad because all Apple wants to do is keep everything in the family for just them self.
    You will pay every time a huge premium to get the device fixed by Apple, because they are the only ones to be able to fix it.
    I don`t mean to sound harsh, that is why I don`t touch the devices anymore.

    Personally some people think they are good.

    But they wont when the device breaks and the warranty is up and apple ask for another $300 dollars to fix the bloody thing after how much it cost`s for a mac book pro.

    Well over the odds of a Pc where you can freely change the parts in the system with better upgrade options, you can do yourself.

    Or replace a faulty part yourself.

    Instead of having to be a safe cracker to get into an apple device, some extreme cases. Warranty expired of course.

    Saying that if you have ever looked inside one, it takes no wonder as to exactly why they don`t want Joe public to open it up and see, once you have well it tells a big story my friend. Who`s the mug in my eyes.

    Not everything is in a name, Sadly some people are fooled into that believe it is.
    Then the penny drops.
    And I suspect your about to find that out now. There ok devices don`t get me wrong it`s just the way apple go about things, and I think it down right unfair if your paying for a device that you may pay £1300 pounds for.
  3. weaselman said:
    take it back if under warranty.

    Op stated he bought it mid 2009. Don't think it'll be under warranty for this long.
  4. well then it will cost wont it if he still wants apple to repair it at a premium price.
    like I stated wont it no two ways about it.

    Normally the case through prior experience. More so than a fix you may of could do yourself.
    It`s no wonder is it why they put for example most of the Hardware just on one board, the main board, soldered with none or little sockets for upgrade, or upgrades is it.
  5. What do you recomened to OP then? Buy a new machine, or actually take it to Apple for help.
  6. Unfortunately, this appears to be a common problem with MBPs of this age. Rather than asking Apple to repair it, a much cheaper option would be to buy a 4GB module from Crucial. It will cost you about $27.

    You see, despite what the Trolls tell you, it doesn't have to cost the earth to repair Macs. :)
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