Motherboard with ISA slots


Once I got into the forums, I was able to find a way to post my original question to the appropriate sub-forum.

When I first got into this site, the interface I found did not allow me to make a post to the "general motherboard" sub forum. Instead, it only allowed me to choose from a list that had specific motherboard brands listed.

So I'm editing this post.

There should be a selection for "general motherboard" in the drop down list of possible sub-categories under the "motherboards and memory" category.

Anyhow. Sorry for the misplaced post!
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  1. Hi: give the following link with a 1-800 # a spin :

    ATX Motherboards with ISA Slots
    Your ATX Solution for ISA Slot Applications!

    Core 2 Quad & Core 2 Duo Motherboard
    with ISA & PCI Slots!
    MB-P4BWA Industrial ATX Motherboard
    for LGA775 Intel® Core 2 Quad/Duo Processors

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