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My PC connects to the internet directly through my router. At my house we also have 3 PC's connected wirelessly. There is a wireless network setup between those 3 computers. How do i get my computer to connect/locate to the network.
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  1. Do you mean to share files or whatnot? As in a Workgroup? Just add them all to the same Workgroup.
  2. Are your wireless pc's connected by Ad-Hoc to each other?

    Is you router a wireless type?? I assume not.

    if not

    You will need to expand your network with a Access Point.
  3. Elaborate on your network setup. What is connected to what and how as well as the hardware in place..

    ComputerA connects wirelessly to the router, a WRT54g etc......

    If all are connected to the same router then wireless/wired isn't relevant. Google Windows file sharing tutorial or setup, walkthrough etc...

    I usually pointed novices to Screen capture walkthrough that will guide you through what in essence is a very easy operation once you've done it a time or two.
  4. Actually the other day I stumbled upon windwos file and printer sharing article on this site. Look it up if you feel froggy. It was actually really in depth.
  5. ok first i will admit i am a complete novice when it comes to networks and such. Haveing said that here is my setup.

    Computer A connects directly to the router, a wrt54g
    Computers B,C, and D connect wirelessly

    I mainly want to connect the computers to share my printer which is connected to Computer A
  6. Well your computer A will end up being a print server but just go to the printer and enable sharing of it and make sure all the computers have printer and file sharing enabled. If you need more in depth help let me know and I can walk you through it the best I can.

    Also computer A will have to be on for you to print unless you want to buy a seperate print server for around $40 dollars. All printing traffic will go through computer A.
  7. I was following what one of the other posts on this forum said to do on how to set up printer sharing. and it told me to put the computers in the same workgroup. so after i did that the one computer told me to restart and after the restart the password for the computer wont work.

    Please advise on what to do/ how to crack the password.
  8. After you enable Printer and File sharing on all the computers it should not ask you for a password. Do you have a network printer?? If you do then you are totally all set and do not need a print server.
  9. Also this can be a good reference for you too
  10. If the remote computer that you were tring to connect to is password protected, you will need it. If the remote computer set the printer to be shared, you should be able to print with out logging into the other computer.
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