Windows 7 startup loop

Yesterday my computer "crashed" right after updating the windows media player pulgin via firefox. Since then I have gotten the infamout startup loop. I have tried the following

Startup repair
safe mode
last known good configuration
Startup repair disk
Sfc scannow(running for the 4th time right now)
Rebuilt the boot directories
Unplugged everything but the drive windows is on

After rebuild the boot drives is the only time any prgoress was made, now it actually attempts to startup and hits the startup repair following the windows animated logo.

I am out of ideas, I cannot locate my actual windows 7 disk otherwise at this point I would have just ran the repair from there or fresh installed. Help please!

Amd phenom 2 955
4gb ddr3
Windows 7 professional
3 hard drives
Asus mobo(not sure the model but can get it if it matters)
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  1. diagnosing a computer needs a lot more detail than that. what was the last changes made to your computer? a firefox plugin doesn't suddenly screw up windows's main kernel and system files just the same as hairloss doesn't cause a heartattack. unless it was a mimicking trojan you just pressed on. if you want to know how to fix it you gotta know what went wrong. first i recommend nod32 or other antiviruses you can install them on boot drives etc. as far as im concerned there is no official wmp plugin for firefox in windows 7, and there is no content on the net that firefox cant play with its other official plugins. then run safe mode, see if the load page gets stuck on a particular .sys file, then u can use a windows disc to repair. you can probably download a windows disc and burn it so u can repair. you can probably system restore, but in general you dont have a lot of options other than finding out what u did that caused it and reversing it, if the objective is to repair.
  2. The last previous change made was on the 17th, with a windows update, clearly the wmp update was some type of trojan or malware or something along those lines. I run AVG and understand virus protectuion etc, I have never had a system crash in the 15 years I have owned a computer, thanks for reading the whole thread a nd listing options I know work and would have tried long ago if I had a windows disk.
  3. Hi If you know someone who is running windows7, make a system repair disc off their computer. This Microsoft link shows you how.
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