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Hiya, so I've just finished building my pc and now everything is up and running great and I have Windows 7 ultimate running off a 64GB Crucial M4 SSD and I have a WD 1TB HDD as my secondary hard drive, calling it "e:/" and the SSD "C:/" . I'm running into trouble, however, every time I download something off the internet the file(s) are automatically saved into the downloads folder on the SSD c: drive when I want them on the HDD instead. I've tried redirecting the library to automatically save in the HDD, I've tried routing the folder to the E: drive and neither have worked as, for some completely inane reason to me, a downloads folder keeps getting creating on the C: drive and stuff keeps getting directed there. Any suggestions as to how I can fix this would be really appreciated because I'm pretty frustrated with Bill Gate right now...ggggrrrrrr.
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  1. When you download click on save and then click on the little arrow "save as". This will open a window where you can save it to the drive you want. I don't know it it can be locked to that drive or not.
  2. What if it's an automatic download and I'm not given a prompt... :/
  3. it depends on what browser you are using to download, if it is I.E. 9, then you can change that in tools -> view downloads -> options -> change default folder. While choosing the default folder you should not pick the downloads folder under ur favorites, as that will allways be "windows drive":\users\"user name"\downloads. Your download library is not an actualy folder, but an xml file that points to some predefined folders, so choosing the downloads library will not do anything while choosing ur default folder. you should just directly browse to where you want the downloads to be. in general firefox and other browsers give you the option to choose and also the option to never be asked again.
  4. gameranew22 said:
    What if it's an automatic download and I'm not given a prompt... :/

    when you set your default drive for the downloads it should put the auto downloads in the default drive.
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