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I have a feature request for Tom's site.

On the main page there is a forum overview, that displays the last posts paginated. I already noticed you can set how many posts per page it shows. And overall it's looks good, it's user friendly; I like it.

Nevertheless...I think it could be better. Whenever I go to lets say page 2 on it and I click on a post, as expected, I get to see the post. Which is very nice, but, after reading the post, when I click on my back button or ont he Home tab, it always jumps back to page 1. I would be much more user friendly if it would remember the last page I got to see, so I could continue checking out the post overview from where I ended.

Off's just a request...but I think it would make this site even better !
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  1. Right-click and open in a new tab, or set Firefox to open links in new tabs instead of new pages. When you close the tab. you're back where you were.
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