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I want to get an external hard drive to backup data on. I would like to get a passport WD drive for $100 on newegg (that would be the 120 gb one) but was wondering if I should skip the portable ones and pick one that is more robust and is a bit faster. I would like to stay under $160 and size should be greater than 100gb...

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  1. It all depends on what type of hard drive you wish to get.
    I go for the Seagate as they have the best warranty of five years.

    I have a number of external hard drives.

    IDE in an external enclosure:

    The Enclosure:
    The Hard Drive:
    Total $138


    The Enclosure:
    The Hard Drive:
    Total $141

    Good enclosures, and with fans, keeps them cool.
    I have used other enclosures in the past with Seagate drives that did not have a fan, and had two hard drive failures. Can I blame the fan less enclosures a the root of the failures, no, but with enclosures with fans I have not had any disk failures in over a year.

    Home brew is to me, the better option currently.
  2. Thanks for your reply.

    I do believe that putting my own together would be well worth it. I happen to have that seagate SATA 320 gb hard drive in my rig and I love it. so that is a definate possibility.

    I have one question: Should I go with SATA since it's faster?

    I do not have any eSATA ports on my computer and don't really want to install a card unless one comes with the enclosure..

    I do like both cases that you have but I am not sure that those are exactly what I want because of interface... Unless the Apricorn does in fact come with an eSATA bracket.

    However now that I think about it, my dell does not have any eSATA ports so I think that a USB 2.0 connection is preferable..
  3. You should not have any trouble with interference if you go with the IDE setup.
    The SATA setup does not come with a back panel bracket, but that was not a problem for me as I have a Sata card with two eSata connections. The enclosure is not Sata 2, but sometime in the near future one will be available. I you select another type of enclosure just make sure it has a fan.

    Both work well for me, with the Sata a bit faster.
  4. Quote:
    You should not have any trouble with interference if you go with the IDE setup.

    interference? i do not understand...

    I think that I will go for something with a usb connection and SATA hard drive...
  5. I read interference from your word interface, time for new glasses.
    Your pick sounds like a good choice.
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