Removing region code protection on my asus drw-1608p2s?

I am down to my last region code change for my asus burner and would like to know if there is any way of disabling the region protection feature?
I have updated the firmware to v1.41 (i think) which is apparently the latest, but this did nothing to change the situation.
Any help would be appreciated!!
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  1. You should check out this program...

    It removes region protection without having to mess around with hardware region settings in your dvd reader/writer. Just have it running in the background when you insert your DVD.

    HTH :)
  2. Thanks McPhisto, I'll give it a go and let everyone know how I get on.
    Cheers :D
  3. Yeah I'm pretty sure most 'homebrew' (or at least non-brand name) software will skip over that minor detail. I think VLC and Media Player Classic do.
  4. Used the slysoft anydvd program, have it running in the background and it works a treat. They have a 24 day free trial period, so when that's up I think I will be purchasing.
    Cheers McPhisto.
  5. hi.
    you can check that page and see if there is any program
    (firmaware) that will remove region protection on your dvd.
  6. DVD43 removes copy protection and region codes on the fly, and its free.

    Just install, pop in a DVD and play it in your favorite player.
  7. The only advantage that Dvd43 has over AnyDvd is that Dvd43 is free, but from my personal experience with both I would gladly take and pay for AnyDvd over Dvd43 quite easily. AnyDvd also does more then Dvd43. In my honest opinion AnyDvd is far superior to Dvd43, right now AnyDvd is $40.00 and I think the $5.00 coupon code is still in effect making it only $35.00 but as of the first of the year it is going upto $49.00.
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