How much is Apple paying for the ads?

Seriously, I know for a fact that a lot of web-based media is paid by apple, especially when it comes to being anti-RIM (hostile takeovers are easier when shares are undervalued), and Tom's has always been very much in this camp, but take a look at the front page now:

Seriously. Not to mention the Kindle fire had two articles about it, one about how it spelled doom for the RIM playbook, and one about how it validated the ipad.

Utter garbage.
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  1. Well, considering the latest iPhone was released yesterday (with a handful of new features) and Steve Jobs just died, I'd say 5/20 articles isn't too bad. I take more issue with the articles about adhesives and electric guitars.
  2. Apple has never advertised with Tom's. Apple does generate a lot of news, though.
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