Help - Doesnt boot and fans startup without power button

I've bought a ASrock 775Dual-VSTA mobo and an INTEL Pentium D 2x3.4Ghz.
The graphics card is an ATI Radeon X800 GTO AGP. I'm using DDR I memory, in the correct slot.

Installed the CPU and heatsink correctly. When I connect the power cord, all fans startup, but the system doesn't boot. Power ON button doesn't do anything, so I disconnected it, and one by one, all wires going to the front panel and it still powers on when simply connecting the power lead.

I mounted the Mobo on existing spacers, but there aren't enough for all the Mobo holes. Could this have anything to do with it, as some holes would not be grounded?

I disconnected all devices so that I only had the Mobo and graphics card, but still the same problem - All fans on - no attempt to run through the Bios.

I'd appreciate any help available. Thanks
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  1. I am currently having the same problem, same board, C2D E6400, all case stands in. I disconnected all fromt panel connectors (even the pwr button is disconnected) and the system still powers up as soon as the power supply is turned on. Nothing comes onscreen so I can't use the bios to regulate anything. I am using an AGP card too but will try pcie just to see if I can get to BIOS & set things up.

    This would seem to be an AsRock 775Dual-VSTA problem since both of us are seeing the same thing so if anyone has this board please let us know what happened the first time you tried to boot.

  2. First, try reseating everything. PCI cards, Video cards, memory sticks, power connectors and see if that does anything.

    Then, if that doesn't do it. Try taking everything out of the case, putting it on something non-conductive like cardboard, and try it again. This will insure that you do not have a short somewhere.

    If it works fine out of the case, check to make sure there is nothing inside the case that is contacting the board where it shouldn't.
  3. Thanks Bjorn0! I did so and have a working system now (well I haven't installed yet but at least it does something now). This board has really long solder points at the back of the board that can touch raised spots on the case back plate (this case's back plate is not flat) and short out connections.

    I should say though that I didn't find an AsRock phone number, just a web form which they did not even send me an acknolegement email for. For this I have to give the definite thumbs down to AsRock.

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