Wirless network of Xbox using D-Link bridge

Hi all, any help would be appreciated.

I have a wireless network set up on a DSE router (little known brand, but pretty standard and WIFI certified). It is set to It has DHCP running on - 255. I have a PC wired into it and a wireless laptop connecting with no problems. They both use dynamic IP etc, and the wireless connection is using WEP security.

I have an Xbox (the old one) which is modded and has installed on it XBMC to run as a media centre.

I recently bought a D-Link bridge (DWL-G810) to connect the Xbox wirelessly. I connected this up, set it to find the wireless network and then to connect to it, and changed the IP to be static, at I also set the WEP security on the bridge.

I plugged this into the Xbox and set the Xbox to have a static IP addressof There is no facility to set WEP on the xbox so I didn't.

I have had limited success with this. Generally I can see the Xbox (ie the directories and files on it, but when I try to ftp to it (ie video files etc) it crashes the whole network, so even my laptop is not connected. This generally means a reset by turning off power and starting again.

I also tried having less things connected. Strangely when I set up the router no attached to the wired PC or the internet (ie just the laptop and the bridge and xbox connected to the router) it seemed to work well - I could ftp big files (350mbs), although it wasn't as fast as I'd like.

Does anyone have any ideas, or suggestions? Perhaps I'm doing something totally dumb.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Same problem for me...
    my lan detail are:

    Clarkconnect 4.0 server/router on (no dhcp enabled)
    WL Access Point Linksys WEP54G on
    Wired PCs on and
    Laptop in wireless on
    Wireless Bridge Dlink DWL-G810 on
    xbox attached to the bridge on

    For debug purpose no wep/wap encryption is enabled.

    Everything works ok but xbox don't receive internet link neither lan shares, even if it's the only one connected in the lan and even if everything is connected :evil:
  2. Generally a bridge is used to tie 2 networks together, requires a bridge on each end. If you have the option for a AP client use it.
  3. Hi, I realise this is quite a while ago but I'm also a Kiwi and am thinking about getting a D-link G810. Did you ever solve this issue?

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