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Can somebody tell me how or why this article ended up on Tom's? How is it related to IT/tech? I've grown used to Apple news (at least they pretend to make computers), but this is too much. Last I checked, Tom's Hardware/Guide were not social study websites.
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  1. Tom's Guide is actually focused on consumer electronics and anything related to that. It's aimed at a more general audience than Tom's Hardware. There's no hardcore techy stuff on there.
  2. Okay, thanks for clarification... never seen ANYTHING like that on Tom's Guide either, though. This article is barely connected to consumer electronics, as well.
  3. The Tom's Style (part of TG) articles are often pretty unrelated, I'm not really sure what they're there for. Tom's Guide seems to have become the "everything else" site. It's even got a section for random downloads now.
  4. Tom's Style usually has new inventions, fancy cars and prototype gadgets, it's not so bad (and news from there rarely show up on Tom's Hardware). However, Tom's Guide appeared rather fine - they had too much tablet/phone/Apple/console stuff out there for my taste, but it was tech/gaming-related. The article I mentioned is only connected to tech because of cell phones involved. Anyway, that's just my (and several others') opinion; if you can't do anything about it, don't bother :)

    I should probably point out that the article's BSness has something to do with its author (Wolfgang Gruener), but that would be biased, not cool and all ;) I've seen someone in the bi-monthly feedback thread suggesting to direct him at more appropriate targets (benchmarks, PC hardware comparisons) in order to cure this problem. If you can do anything to help promote this solution, please do :lol:
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