E6400 and the E6300

Is there really a big amount of differnece between them like meaning is the 40$ differnece worth it?
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  1. No, for overclockers the E6300 is better because of the lower multiplier.
    I guess it depends on your definition of 'better', heheh...
    The E6400 very easily hits E6600 speed (2.4GHz) with the tiniest adjustment of FSB, from 266MHz to 300MHz. This is so quick, cool & easy (using all default voltages) that it's almost not really overclocking, LoL :lol:
    But if you are not overclocking, obviously the higher multiplier the better.
    And I s'pose Prozac is right - it will help your ultimate CPU speed in any event...
    I feel an E6300, with DDR2-667 memory, @ 333MHz (FSB1333) giving default E6600 speed, is an excellent all-around setup (and inexpensive too).
    The only thing missing is the 4MB cache...
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