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I just got my Multi-Function panel and has many features that I like but there is one that I keep thinking of. Should I put it or not?
The Temp sensor for the CPU. Well I know you are supposed to put it between the CPU and the Heatsink so it will show the temperature of your CPU. I dont know if I should put it or not because I keep asking myself this question...
Will this temp sensor in ANY WAY stop the heat from going to the heatsink?

Since this little piece will have to be in between the CPU and heatsink it might cause some heat to stay in the processor. Am I right? Or it might cause the processor 2 or maybe 3 degrees higher?

I want to ask the pros and even people that have worked with this multi function panels that have temp sensors, did you ever tried this CPU temp sensor feature? Did it work well? did it cause your CPU to get 2 or 3 degrees higher than normal? Or was it normal just like if nothing was in there?

This is my multi-function panel

Logisys Multi-Function Panel

Any help is REALLY appreciated
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  1. Really need help on this please...!
  2. Hey,

    I can't see from the pictures how small the temp sensor is, but here's what I do know: You must be very careful when putting anything between the CPU and the heatsink.

    If the CPU is lidless (that is, without a large metal cap) you don't want to put anything between the silicon and the heatsink, or else you risk cracking the CPU. You can place the sensor right next to the silicon to get the closest reading.

    If it has a lid, then it should be ok to place it on top of the CPU. The size and thickness of the temp sensor will affect the cooling of the lid, but probably not more than a degree C. The center point of the lid should be the hottest.

    Now, there is a method for cutting a trench in the top of the lid to place a temp sensor directly under the heatsink, but that's not something most people can do at home.

  3. Well look here is the kind of Temp sensor my multi-Function panel has

    My motherboard is a Striker-Extreme from ASUS with the 680i chipset and my processor an E6600 Core 2 Duo @ 2.4Ghz with default Intel Stock Fan.
  4. That looks thin enough to not affect the temps too much. But there's only one way to really find out: run a test.

    Run a temp sensing software program along with a program that really taxes the processor. Then add the sensor (with appropriate thermal compound) and run the temp software and program again, and compare the results. The heat from the cpu is spread out over most of the surface of the lid, and the thermal compound should help transfer the heat around and thru the sensor tape.

  5. well thats a way to find out too.

    Looks like Ill just put some thermal paste around the sensor and on the part where the sensor is gonna be so the heat will still go through.

    Thanks anyways :D
  6. The proper way to install such a thermal couple would require a very thin probe about the diameter of a strand of hair.
    This procedure requires a cut in the heat spreader directly over the core(s) and epoxy to fill in the void.
    Then sanding similar to lapping your heat sink
    Without this procedure you will have air space between the CPU and heat sink
  7. Never thought of that! good point.

    But, I wouldnt like to make a "hair-like hole" in my just-bought cpu! and I wouldnt like to mess with the heatsink either!
    I think Ill just leave this CPU Temp Sensor out of its job. The system one will do the job on the bottom of the case and the other one will do fine in the top of the case. Cpu will be just hanging :P

    Thank you so much for pointing that out!
  8. Just shove the sensor in a crevasse next to the CPU. :D
    You’ll be surprised how close the temps may be compared to the motherboard calibrated sensor readings
  9. Nah I dont want to risk anything so Ill just leave it out of its job.
    Its not gonna hurt :P
  10. true enough .
    I didnt mind the effort but never pay attention to the led unless the door is open to my P180. 8)
  11. Yeah I have a door case too hehehe

    But where exactly did you put the sensor?

    Could you put a red point where exactly did you put it? So I might try :)
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