Ok hi all and ty 4 reading this post. Well my problem is with my Ati radeon X1300PRO. Friday i wen to the ATI site to see if they have a updateded a new driver i saw the 6.12 driver. So when and install then, after the restart my monitor when with no signal no video nothing like if the PC was OFF, but the the PC is on and the card fan is running and can see that with no problem. I try system restore no good i try driver cleaner and when back to 6.11 and nothing monitor wont turn ON. So what i did was i try my old card ATI 9700Pro and this for sure it work with no problem. Can anyone whos know how can i fix this pls help me. :?: :?: 8O
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More about problem needed
  1. bad input??

    dvi or vga dead?

    bad cable? bunch of things it could be.
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