Tuniq Tower 120

DAMN when I saw this baby on my friend's rig, ITS FRIGGIN HUGE!!

However it seems that out of the other famous coolers, this is by far the best.
However, it has a bad con.

The fact that its huge and slightly heavy, puts a great deal of stress on Vertical Stand Mobos. Lugging this thing to LAN parties = risk of damaging your mobo by carrying this vertically rather than on its side.

For those with this cooler, I was wondering, especially on vertical towers like the Thermaltake Armor (which is what I have), how do you lessen the stress on the mobo from this thing? I fear that onc eI install this rig, that there might be a crap load of stress on the mobo. What did you guys do? Or did you just leave it as is?

Is it possible to put something that can support it?... Any advice?
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  1. yeah thats what holding me back from buying a 120 or infinity right now..

    i ask a similar qn, most ppl say the mb is very strong and it, shouldn't be a problem, but it still bugs me.

    some said they tie strings to tighten the grip.. fair enough but it's just..... weird.
  2. i think there are some brackets or back mounted things to support the cooler. i think...
  3. Unlike the regular LGA775 stock heat sink, which relies on a push pin setup to attach the heat sink to the motherboard, good quality aftermarket heat sinks such as the Tuniq Tower, Scythe Infinity and Thermaltake Typhoon VX rely on whats called a backer plate to evenly distribute the weight of the four supports along the length and width of the motherboard, reducing stress and tendencies to warp or buckle. This doesn't mean though that your motherboard is impervious to these stresses. As you pointed out constant movement (ie, shaking, or LAN parties) can exacerbate the normal stresses applied by the heat sink or even add new stresses there by causing a structural failure.

    In short, yeah, just be careful moving you PC, and if you do plan to do a lot of LAN partying, you'd be better off looking at smaller non tower style coolers.
  4. Zalman's flower blooms (9500, 9700) are good for LANing, less stress, still decent cooling, and the LED ones look cool :wink: .
  5. yea im gonna get a tuniq tower 120 for my antec 900 case and i cant wait. its supposed to be a pretty pwnage cooler so ill try it out. thanks
  6. there is a backer plate for the fan.

    if you still worry about the weight of the fan, i have seen people in other forum use a rubber wire to tighen the fan and the power suppler~~

    by the way, i think tower 120 is the best air cooler i have ever seen. but i feel it a bit noisy unless u can slow the fan down by fan controls~
  7. Quote:
    but i feel it a bit noisy unless u can slow the fan down by fan controls~
    Its literally inaudible at the lowest setting. And thats only about 5Cs at best from the highest setting.

    Just transport it sideways are you said, and dont bump it much.
    You can attach a zip tie from the pipes to the ceiling of your case if youre that paranoid, but trust me, the PCB is hard to enough to hold. Try to break any with your bare hands and tell me how it goes :wink:
  8. :lol:

    the BEAST :D - but I have to say, it works WONDERS.

    Is it possible to use something, to tie somewhere? and if so, where could I attach to the tuniq to be able to support it? Can i wrap something on that huge metal box area and attach it somewhere? or better yet, is it possible to buy something (not sure what material yet) and put like some sort of a support beam?

    <---- (attached that way) The mobo is on left
    | |
    | Tuniq |
    | |
    | | <--- support stand holding the tuniq
    | |

    Would this work? The Case is a thermaltake Armor series :D full tower and my mobo is a nforce 680

    What material should I use, and would the contact between the metal box part of the tuniq and the stand cause problems?
  9. Its actually not as tall and the "Tower style" coolers (part of its performance secret) but wide, very wide.
    So far I've only used it horizontally as it wouldnt fit in my old case, but I hold it vertically and it doesnt feel like its gonna break anything. Its heavy, but not heavy enough.
    My idea was a zip tie from the heatpipes (not the fins as its too wide) and attach it somehow (the part you need to find out) to the ceiling, maybe drlling a couple of tiny holes. However my advice goes more to transport it carefully and leave it as it is, the guys at Tuniq had tought about the weight problem before you did :wink:
  10. heh nicely said dario...
  11. Quote:
    heh nicely said dario...
    Thanks :D
  12. yeah.. maybe thats what i will do. I guess it's some kind of 'protective mental barrier'.. the pc is everyone's precious and having a one kilo weight on the mb makes all owner uncomfortable even if it's perfectly safe.
  13. What are you gonna do as a support? Are you going to make a stand like some kind of support beam? (@ Penguin)

    BTW - Will it be safe if I make a support-like beam (stand)? although im not sure what material I will use, would contact on that silver looking box metal area be ok? ^^; I'm thinking it should be though
  14. follow what rwaritsdario said in post 11. Thats the best thing u could do.. as i know many ppl actually do that, and it works.

    I think the support beam is too exaggerated.. plus, it's not easy to cut out one exactly of the desired height.
  15. Hey guys, I was browsing through Newegg, I was wondering will I have problems with the tuniq (fitment issues) with this case


    Thermaltake Armor Series VA8003BWS Black Full Tower Case w/ 25CM Fan - Retail

    Would the fan be a problem? That fan is huge! Might it hit it?
  16. Quote:
    Would the fan be a problem? That fan is huge! Might it hit it?
    You have the measurents for the Tuniq height, the fans thickness and the case thicknes. Why cant you do the math yourself?
  17. Yes, but only for benchmarking. For daily use the temps and voltage would be too uncomfortable, without mentioning stability.
    Something in the ~3.5Ghz area would be more feasible for 24/7 operation at 1.45v
  18. Then search for that proof and shut them up. Use the google domain search as the forumz one sucks.
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