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Hi people,

Just a few questions about my next computer build. The main problem I have is that I'm struggling to find a stylish monitor that's also decent for playing games. I'm currently looking at the Dell 20.1" E207WFP. However, it has a bad review on cnet, and I've heard problems of ghosting with Dell monitors. Does anyone on here know if it's a good monitor or not?
Next, I'm wondering whether to spend the extra cash on an XFX 8800GTS rather than the BFG 7950GT I'm currently looking at. Will the fact that the 8800 series cards are DirectX 10 compliant make a substansial difference to next-gen games?
Finally, on the case front, I'm looking at getting this Ebuyer case. I was thinking that I could sell the 500W PSU it comes with to finance some decent fans (probably Hiper 120mm or Xilence 120mm). Do you reckon the cheap build quality of it will let it down on quietness, or will getting some decent fans be enough?
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