Need help, Windows wont boot up now.

Ok, Last night I was on my computer, turned it off the right way. Now, this morning when I went to go turn it on, the screen where windows says something has occured and you have the option to restart with windows normally, and restart with the last good settings. So, I tried last good settings.

When I hit enter, it boots up like it should with the windows xp logo and the bar that goes left to right to signify that it is loading. After that, it goes to a black screen where all I can see is the mouse pointer, I can move it. Thats all. What is wrong?

I did get a 19" widescreen yesterday, 1400X900 res. I changed that out with my old regular one, but its still the same thing.

I also tried loading windows normally. I looked into BIOS and everything is in place, the cpu, ram, vga, hdd, cd, etc. Everything shows up.

Can anyone tell me what might be going on? I hope I dont have to re-install xp. I did play around with EasyTune5, gigabyte's windows OC software, but then I reloaded the defaults. All I did was lowered the ddr2 voltage by .1, and upped the cpu fsb, but again, I reloaded the defaults and all wokred fine for another hour before I turned it off.

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  1. Anyone have an idea?
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    Anyone have an idea?

    Yes..try the software/windows section
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