What Power Supply Do I Need?

The only part I've got left to buy for my new PC is a power supply and I'm wondering which to get.

Core 2 Duo E6400 2.13ghz
2GB DDR 800mhz

http://www.extreme.outervision.com/PSUEngine suggested a 425W PSU (as I plan on trying to overclock the CPU), so 500W should be ok.

Here are some I've found.

OCZ GameXStream 600W PSU - 120mm Fan SLI Ready ATX12v v2.2 - £82

Coolermaster IGreen 600W PSU - 85% Efficiency 8pin ATX12V v2.2 120mm Fan - £87

Seasonic S12 Series 600W SLI Certified ATX2.0 PSU - £90

Tagan Dual Engine TG600-25 600W PSU
- £91


EDIT - Seems I entered some info into the PSU calculator incorectly, it suggested a 425W PSU this time.
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  1. My build is similar to yours, i got a 620w Enermax psu, out of the 4 psu's that you listed the OCZ and seasonic ones are the best quality, either one will be fine, but you might want to go with the OCZ one because its slighty cheaper.
  2. If in doubt Antec is good and has a 5 year warranty. the NEO modular is nice but only goes to 480w or so.

    OCZ makes a nice modular one that is a bit higher powered.
    I'd trust it, they have good customer support and warranty.

    Any reputible name brand is good. Read the reviews and choose wisely. I'd go modular for sure.
  3. Your right, I did enter the wrong info. This time it said I need a 425W PSU.

    I think I'll go with "OCZ GameXStream 600W PSU - 120mm Fan SLI Ready ATX12v v2.2".

    NewEgg says it's specs are


    Does that sound ok?
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